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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

bfp 2 yrs trying after late m/c

Boobs hurt, exhausted, a little nauseous...all worth it. Hubby and I have kids from previous marriages, but when we married we were both prompted by the spirit to avoid b/c and start trying right away. We were warned it would be difficult, but we had no idea why or how difficult since we'd both had children very easily with other spouses. My baby was 11 and his was 3 though. We tried for 1.5 years. Dh went in for s/a and was told count was great but volume was very concerning. Dh had recently had 2 heart surgeries and had complications with the catheter, so it was suspected there was scar tissue. I was very regular with perfect cycles. We did some research and the 2nd month using the soft cups, we got our bfp. Unfortunately, I was under severe traumatic stress due to uncontrollable situations, which caused inflammation and we lost him at 15 weeks. It was the most horrific ordeal I've ever experienced. We resumed trying right away and even made two failed attempts at IUI'S. Eventually, his urethra closed to the point he could not urinate, let alone get me pregnant. He had to have surgery again to cut out the tissue and repair his urethra. This left him with very slow ejaculation and still some retrograde. My body was stressed to the point I had developed allergies to dairy and other foods, leaving me with rashes all over the outside of my body. I assumed the inside wasn't doing too well either. My periods had become thick and irregular, with extremely painful cramps. I was very depressed and angry at God. I felt he'd taken the only chance we had at having children together. I was watching the Christmas devotional with my family, watching stories of how Christ healed the sick. I felt the spirit come over me and tell me, "All you have to do is ask. And He will heal you." My husband gave me a priesthood blessing of hesling, during which I assumed he was not speaking from the spirit and only saying things I wanted to hear until he said, "the savior will heal you and you will conceive and bring children to your family....the time is now." I knew without doubt that this was a promise from God. This gave us hope to keep trying. We looked into doing more IUI'S, adoption, even IF. We just couldn't afford to go more into debt after all the previous medical bills. I started praying harder and harder, I had sure faith that the promise we had received was real. I was led to find out about my body. I had histamine intolerance and learned how to treat that. I also went on a weight loss drug to help lose the 30 pounds I'd gained after the miscarriage. During the time losing weight I also drank 2-3 cups a day of red raspberry leaf tea and pregnancy tea with nettle--helped with the inflammation. I started taking fish oils well. The herbal tea (which I like to call a medical tincture, because I soak it and cool it down) was amazing. My cramps went away almost completely my period normalized at exactly 15 follicular and 15 luteal. There were no more clots and there was much less spotting before an after. We decided to really give it a few months of good trying before we went in for another IUI. we figured what could it hurt, although we never stopped trying, we just hadn't focused on it and used all thr tricks for a few months. So first month, we were only ably to get one night of cup usage in. And it was a bfn. We weren't surprised. The next month (May) we got 3 nights in a row of sperm in the soft cup. (He ejaculates into a cup and I insert it and either make orgasm or go back to sleep. Our work schedules are complete opposites so this was easiest.) Anyway, here we are today. 5 weeks 1 day pregnant. Haha. I am seeing a high risk obgyn. They have put on progesterone and baby aspirin as a precaution and i am continuing the pregnanacy tea. We are praying praying praying this baby grows healthy and strong. Through these trials, which can't compare to the difficulty others have, I have learned the most valuable lessons I could learn, which are to cleave unto my husband, lean on him and let him love me, and put his needs before my own, and even more, put God and Jesus Christ above all else. They can heal you if you truly believe and have faith that it is in His plan. Sometimes what you want is not in his plan. I have learned this lesson many times before. But we must continue to believe and trust that He will comfort and guide us through aloud trials. Just pray in faith and believe in His name.


I read on just mommies about preseed and soft cups I used it last month and I'm pregnant due 02 16 2015

it is very nice to read about Faith in God in this stressful journey. i believe god's timing is always right even when we wish otherwise . congratulations on your pregnancy and thanks for the inspiration.

God bless you with a happy and healthy 9 months :) I came across this hoping for a baby soon. I have 2 beautiful children and my DH and I are trying for 1 more after out loss in May. My heart was broken and I struggled with my faith. Your story is inspirational in more than one way and I know I have to trust God and wait for my own bfp!

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