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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Bfp!! 3 months ttc

I have stalked this site for the last 3months of ttc since my wedding the end of may,it has been so helpful to me reading everyones stories so I promised myself I would write on here when I got a bfp which I did today!!!

 1-2dpo- not much to report
 3dpo- went away with dh and friends to Oxford,very tired but had a long day at work,felt very drunk quickly on the evening drinking with our meal,bd that night
4dpo- had a terrible hangover, felt very dizzy,tired and achey legs but put it down to doing a lot of walking that day around Oxford, went for a meal on the evening and straight after eating felt sick and dizzy
5dpo-dizzy, high bbt sick feeling on and off, creamy cm,headache, very tired in work almost fell asleep
6dpo-pinching feeling in belly,not so tired today,sore nipples to touch,thirsty, sicky feeling on the evening,creamy cm
7dpo-not much today, sickness feeling at times throughout day, bit sore bbs on top
8dpo-not much, sensitive teeth,creamy cm,sore nipples
9dpo-itchy right nipple, sensitive teeth,headache, cold shivers,
10dp- itchy right nipple,itchy belly,sensitive teeth all day,did 6day early response bfn! Start to give up hope,drove to corwall and had a costa latte in the services but felt sick after drinking it, put it down to travel sickness
11dpo-sensitive teeth,sicky feeling at same time of night again,feeling very bloated,strong sense of smell, went  to Cornwall for the day crabbing and the smell of the crab bait was disgusting to me but no one else, tired
12dpo-due af today but no sore boobs like usual the day or two before,makes me think hmmm, mild cramps ,very very tired had a sneaky nap in the staff room! Got home from work and went straight to bed dh woke me up at 9 to eat my tea and then went back to bed at 10!!
13dpo-still no af,bit of mild cramps but not like usual af cramps,very bloated,bad belly,toilet 4times that day! Lots of wind and weeing loads all day,saw one of my best friends who is 4months pg and she said my belly looked bigger( I'm a size 6-8 so usually  flat belly) and said I should test
14dpo-still no af so got up early and did cheapie pg test, came up bfp straight away so ran in and woke dh, both very excited, he went to work and an hour or so later I did the second test,just to be sure- bfn- very confused, txt dh saying might not be! Spoke to same best friend and she said you don't get false positives, to go and get another- did a clear blue digital- came up PREGNANT 1-2 weeks, so 3-4 weeks gone by doctors!!! Can't believe it so happy, hasn't sunk in properly yet! Had bit of nausea and backache today.

Things I did differently to other months this month were
- took femibion tablets all month
-bd more especially before after and during o
-tracked ovulation using "fertility-what to expect" app on I phone
-cut down on caffeinated tea
-tried to cut back on wine!
-took iron water sachets
-dh cut down a lot on smoking
The biggest sign for me was the sensitive teeth, lots of creamy cm and the sicky feelings on an evening at about the same time- hope that helps people ttc
Baby dust to all and I hope my pg goes all the way and I have a healthy, happy baby!

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