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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP @35 with REDUCED breast swelling

I loved reading all of these searching for matching symptoms and didn't see anyone that had their breast swelling REDUCE before a BFP, so I wanted to share and give some hope for someone else that may experience that.
1-3 dpo continuing EWCM (unusual for me)
3 dpo breast fullness, heaviness and tenderness (normal for me), camping and headache (unusual)
4 dpo same
5 dpo same
6 dpo slight waves of nausea (thinking it's in my head, but never felt before except later in previous pregnancy)
7 dpo same, but no nausea
8 dpo same no nausea
9 dpo nausea back, continuing breast symptoms (normal for me), headaches (unusual), and now sore throat
10 dpo nipples are slightly sensitive, hungry but nothing sounds good, have to wake up to pee in the night, allergies going crazy. got a pack of blue dye tests by accident. Take one and it's negative. Check later (big no-no, I know!) and see a line, BUT counted it as an evap line.
11 dpo wake up and breasts feel much lighter, less swollen. Other symptoms continue, but I'm certain I'm not pregnant because of the change in heaviness even though I got a faint positive within time limit on pt. Strange cramps and pelvic pain. All other symptoms continue, hot flash in sleep that night
12 dpo all symptoms continue, nipples more sensitive, constipation begins.
13 dpo same
14 dpo BFP on pink dye test!
All symptoms would come and go throughout the day and did not remain constant. This is my fourth pregnancy and none of this is how I felt with the others, which proves it's ALWAYS different for each person and each pregnancy. Good luck everyone!

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That's really reassuring,  thank you! And a huge congratulations on your BFP!  I'm in my tww now and I've had similar symptoms to you like ewcm continuing after ov which is unusual for me,  heavy boobs,  sensitive nipples,  tender and slight cramping. But now my boobs feel normal, so thought maybe I'm out this month. I have had a lot of creamy cm (sorry if tmi,  he he) today though which is out of the ordinary, so let's hope I'm still in with a chance too. After reading your post it's given me a lot of hope,  thank you :-) 

Thank you! Your symptoms definitely sound similar. I hope get your BFP soon! 

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