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BFP 3rd IUI - Donor Sperm

As most of us do I stalked this site the last 6 months looking for a glimmer of hope or a match to any of my symptoms during the 2ww praying for a positive pregnancy. This month on Jan 15th I finally got my BFP! Here is a little background on our situation: I am 33, my husband is 37 and a diabetic who wears an insulin pump. We tried on our own for a couple years and finally this past June decided it wasn't working (and I wasn't getting any younger!) so we sought the help of a fertility specialist. After going through all the rounds of testing we got the news that my husband's SA came back with 14,000 sperm (yes 14K not 14million!) and of those there was only 8% motility. We were dead in the water, both physically and emotionally. Our fertility specialist informed us our only chances at a child would be IVF with my husband sperm OR IUI with donor sperm. At first he was adamantly against the idea of a donor so we opted for him to take Clomid to increase his counts. Two months passed and when it was time for him to do another SA he decided he didn't want to risk the chance of possibly passing on the diabetes, as his father and grandmother both had it as well. He didn't want to put our future child through the trauma of dealing with the disease that he feels robs him of so many luxuries in life, including carbs! It was an extremely selfless decision on his part and we worked through the scenario weekly with each other- some days talking, other days yelling and fighting, until we both came around to the idea. Once we were on the same page and as our last step we went to a counselor to gain the sign off needed to begin the process through our fertility doctor. Finally we were back on track to having a child! After doing all the research we picked our donor and had our 1st IUI in October- (Femara cd 3-7) 2ww - BFN! November came and using the CB Digital opk we missed our ovulation, I was devastated, but we told ourselves we must have missed it for a reason. December -IUI #2 (Femara again cd 3-7)- This round I tracked all my symptoms. I had the cramping, nausea after day 10, fatigue, aching breasts, diarrhea, and bloating. I was positive during this 2ww that I was pregnant. Day 14 - BFN! Seriously?! Ugh! AF didn't start till Day 19, what a tease. (Btw the day we got our BFN we found out my Father in law needed a quadruple bypass and 3 days later my husband was hospitalized for an infection - we all spent the week of Christmas in the hospital, FUN!!) Which brings us to Christmas Day(cd3), we were out of the hospital and went out of town. That evening we realized I had forgotten my Femara at home and would need to drive back the next morning so I could begin taking it a day late. At this point I just want 2015 to be over! (Femara cd 4-8), New Years Eve, yay a new year!! New Years Day- LH surge - IUI #3 scheduled for Jan 2nd (thank GOD this happened in 2016!) I decided this round I wasn't going to track anything and get my hopes up again. I did notice low back pain the night of Day 10 into Day 11 but with no spotting. I did my best to ignore it, which wasn't hard since by day 11/12 I was fully cramping and sure AF was coming in a couple days. No other symptoms AT ALL, no sore boobs, no bloating, no cm, and instead of feeling fatigued I felt like I was jittery when I would wake up. Day 13- My husband has left for work and sent me a text to ask if I had tested yet (I knew he had forgotten it was a day early and we shouldn't test until the following day, but at this point I just wanted to get it over with and have a glass of wine). I test with FMU expecting nothing and glance over as I'm flushing, what?!!? OMG I swear there is the faintest of faint lines...barely! I send the pic to my husband and he can't see it, he says to wait and we will test again tomorrow.... Tomorrow? That ship has sailed, I'm on my way to the store for a ClearBlue digi! Test with CB - BFN, I'm depressed, but still hopeful with my faint faint lined Early Response knockoff. I call the doc, admit I cheated a day early, and go for the blood test... Hcg- 17, Progesterone - 40. Yay I'm just barely pregnant on Day 13!! :D (btw I tested again with CB digital on Day 15 and still got BFN so I no longer trust CB since they failed me on OPK as well) Here were my numbers: Day 13- Hcg 17, Progesterone 40 Day 16- Hcg 203, Progesterone 43 Day 23- Hcg 2970, Progesterone 37 Still praying daily for a sticky baby! This site really helped keep me positive during those dreaded 2ww's. I thank everyone who contributes to this site and pray for all the women who read daily as I did, Baby Dust to ALL!!


Congratulations! Hoping you have a happy and healthy 9 mos.

Thank you! 30DPO hmHcg = 27,318 :)

I was so glad to see your HCG at 17 and then start rising.....I had my HCG yesterday at 12 dpiui and it was 17 and I was sad thinking that I was going to m/c. This morning I had a slightly darker line so I am thinking positive.....Congratulations to you and thanks for sharing!!!  

I am so happy for you MamaLo! I know exactly how you feel, I worried 17 would m/c but my doctor assured me the low number was only because it was super early. Hang in there sending positive thoughts your way!

Still going strong.... 14 dpo 62.99 21 dpo 2002 just waiting for my u/s now on Feb 29   How is your little sticky baby doing?  

Yay so by now your over 6 weeks! We had our first u/s at 7 weeks and got to hear the heartbeat....simply amazing! Can't wait for you to experience it :)  Our next appt is in a week and they do a blood draw for NIPT test to find gender!  Going strong, good luck to you on the 29th!

I have no clue if you are back around here checking.....But I did have a m/c at 10+4.  After that it took 53 days for AF to arrive and now I am in my 2WW on IUI #3. I hope your pg is going well.   

Hey MamaLo I just came back to check on your story and was so sad to read you had a m/c :(  I'm thinking of you and praying you get another BFP. Keep positive and keep me posted! We have made it to 29 weeks so far and hoping for a continued sticky 3rd trimester.

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