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BFP 4.5 months after Mirena Removal

I am 36 and I had my Mirena removed January 3rd, 2014, after having it for 4 years after DS was born. We wanted to wait for a due date in or after Jan 2015 (trying in April), but ended up “not trying, not preventing” right away. First cycle of actual “trying” in April broke my heart when I started my period again on CD16….I don’t think I ovulated. April 27th (CD 2) started B-50 to lengthen my cycle and Early Primrose for more abundant CM since I have been pretty lacking in that department and it WORKED!!!! Tons of EWCM on CD 9-10! I believe I need help with my progesterone and will again after baby is born so I planned on trying Vitex next cycle, but got my BFP before I could! My LMP was April 26, 2014 BFP: May 17th, 2014 (9dpo) EDD: January 31, 2014 (Aiming for Jan 29th – MIL birthday since I may have to have a repeat C-Section! Haha) Things I did for my BFP: Tempted – even on the weekends alarm set for 5:30am. Temps stay elevated from 6 DPO, dipped 9DPO and went back up 10DPO (I knew this may be it then!) OPK’s: CD 12!!! (Didn’t have one last cycle!) Pre-Seed – Just for lube, did not use applicator. (CD 10 & CD 13 – Helped with the mix of EWCM) Soft-Cup – CD 10 & CD 12 CM: (C – CD7- 8) (EWCM - CD 9-11) (W - CD 12-13) CM: DPO (C – 1 DPO – 11 DPO ) Loads on 4 – 7 DPO) (Stringy white CM 6-7DPO) BD’ed : CD 9, CD 10, CD 12 & CD 13– (Trying to sway <3 boy <3) ********Fertility Friend pinpointed ovulation using advanced method on CD 13****** DPO symptoms: 1 DPO - 3 DPO – Nothing. Not feeling pregnant this time at all. When I usually think every month I am. I don’t think I timed BDing right at all. (BUT in the past I thought I was dead on with the timing) 4 DPO - 5 DPO – AF Cramps, major bloating and BACKACHE (hurts bad enough on 5DPO to take Tylenol) 6 DPO – 7 DPO – Really creamy, but STRINGY WHITE discharge. A lot more on 6 DPO 7DPO *IMPLANTATION* – Extremely CRAMPY! Like if this isn’t implantation, I wouldn’t know what is! RIGHT SIDE is where I believe I implanted! Going to be cool to find out! 8DPO – Cramps have subsided. Took a WONDFO HPT in evening after work. Was a “is there or is there not something there?” I doubted it because it was shadow and I have had an evap from them before. 9DPO – BFP (SOOOO light) on TWO Wondfo’s (FMU and SMU) NEGITIVE on the FRER, so I was still not sure and not getting my hopes up! (A little questionable ligament pulling???) 10DPO – VV LIGHT PINK BFP on a FRER and WONDFO!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO! Lots of ligament pulling!!! Extremely fatigued! Digital is still negative. 11DPO – Nice BRIGHT PINK BFP on FRER and Wondfo is nice and dark! Not taking a digital until this weekend to let HCG build up! Labs are tomorrow and first Prenatal appointment is June 26th at 3pm! Praying for a healthy, sticky bean!


Yay!!!! SO happy for you!!!! Praying for a healthy little miracle!!! :) Congratulations!!!!!

Thanks! ;)

UPDATE: Having a repeat Csection on January 23rd...and it's a GIRL! DS is SO excited and wanted a baby sister so bad! :) GL to everyone!

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