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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP!!! 5 cycles ttc first baby age 30

I'm 30 DH is 32. We decided to ttc in December (but stopped trying for two months in amongst this time to avoid a december due date) after 10 years together married for 5 years both of us had been career focused until now. After 3 months of ttc we began to panic that nothing was happening.... after 10 years of being so careful not to conceive both of us healthy non smokers and very light drinkers we were so sure it would happen immediately.... I became so obsessive and so worried about it that I was sure there was something wrong.... So I cleaned up my diet to super healthy and exercised more losing about 14lbs over a month or two going from a dress size 16 to 14 took folic acid magnesium vitamin D zinc and vit b6 supplements to balance my hormones and aid fertility hubby took zinc vit c and selenium supplements too so he could hopefully produce some super sperm. The month of my bfp I had just bought some fertility crystals that I carried around with me and kept a rose quartz under the bed doing everything that could possibly help. I'd been tracking my cycles on a fertility friend app and using opks and noticed that my luteal phase was quite short (10/11 days) so I also tried agnus castus this month at just 20 drops of tincture once a day all through my cycle (half the recommended dose as I'd read mixed reviews n didn't want to disturb my otherwise very regular cycles if it wasn't right for me) along with the vitamins n minerals for hormone balance. I'm not sure if the crystals or the agnus castus done it or if they just coincided with when it was meant to happen but I was so happy to see a BFP after a few heartbreaking BFNs!!! This process has taught me that some things do just take time and there is no need to panic if it doesn't happen straight away. We had been BDing every other day on a fairly strict schedule throughout the months of trying but when I spoke to a doctor about it during a routine smear test he advised us just to BD as much as possible anytime of my cycle n not to even think about timing of it or schedules and just do it all the time. He also suggested the supplements I used and to use a pillow under my hips after BDing which we did this cycle. My symptoms were as follows... CD1-4 Period CD 10-12 lots of ewcm CD12 and 13 +ve opk CD14 -ve opk and ovulation pain along with a horrible migraine CD15-17 Sharp stabbing pains on the right ovary area thought must be ovulation pain but was worried that it continued for so long as I don't normally get ovulation pain at all. CD18-21 No Symptoms ovary pain eased but still niggles a little. Quite grumpy. CD22 Huge emotional breakdown couldn't stop crying for a whole evening after work. Thought I was getting my period craving chocolate n felt really angry for unknown reasons but so upset thinking we were out again this month. CD23 weepy and grumpy again feeling cramps like period cramps begin but feel different more like shooting pains than period pains. CD24 Heavy feeling in breasts with shooting pains around the nipples. CD25 -ve hpt period due today no show CD26 Heavy breasts and cramps like before no period I normally have aching heavy breast just before period n my symptoms have been so similar to my normal period symptoms CD27 Still no period test again....BFP +ve clear blue digital HPT states 1-2 weeks pregnant so so happy. Still getting the odd cramping bout and stabbing pains in ovary area but not as severe. Im also experiencing lots of wind and alternating constipation or the runs and have started to become quite nauseous first thing in the morning. Praying that nothing goes wrong with my little sticky bean. Still taking the supplements and now just 10 drops of agnus castus tincture once daily which i intent to keep taking up until week 12 just incase that was what helped me this cycle. My absolute best wishes to everyone out there ttc I now have a much better understanding of what an emotional roller coaster this journey can be and a huge amount of respect for people out there still trying! Good luck everyone! Xx


Congrats! we had a very similar story. We're 31, 32, been married for 11 years, focused on careers and travel. When we ttc'ed for one month this time last year, I was convinced it would be easy! I followed this site religiously and was convinced we got pregnant the first try. I mean I used an ovulation stick, preseed, the full arsenal. Two weeks later, BFN after BFN. Then AF. I was a wreck for about a week. After that experience, I refused to track my ovulation, and just let it happen. We then put our plans on hold and used protection, because we up and moved out of the country very suddenly. We then stopped preventing for the past couple months, but I was still very cautious. Had a few symptons, so I just decided to take a test and boom, pregnant!!!  Crazy and surreal. And you're right, such an emotional rollercoaster! I feel you!!!

Thank you and congratulations to you too. It's actually very scarey how quickly you can be overcome by the obsession and worry of even just one BFN Women should be taught in school that it can take time not just scared into believing it's instant so that they use protection. It has a huge negative impact on them when they do start ttc. My thoughts anyway 

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