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BFP 5th cycle TTC#2, WAY different than last pregnancy!

BFP 5th cycle TTC#2, WAY different than last pregnancy so far! 27-day AVERAGE cycle Previous cycle lengths: 29, 26, 26, 25, 30, 26 BFP on cd 30 I’ll start off by saying I thought AF was going to start because the ONLY symptom I had on test day was af cramps. Other than that, the only thing that made me even scratch my head was that I kept getting random waves of nausea starting cd 25 (2 days before AF). I’m using cd’s because I’m not exactly sure when I ovulated. I thought it was early (like cd 10-12) but I’m now wondering if it was much later—see below, I’m interested in your input! Finished my last BC pack out in Jan, started trying March. Didn’t use anything this cycle. May and June I used robitussin (because that's what I used the month I got preg w/DS) but it didn’t work this time! I didn’t temp, chart, or use OPKs, that would just stress me out. We usually just BD’d around when I had my O pains. I get O pains for like 4 days, so I’m not sure when I O within that time frame. ALSO, I never had an EWCM, just the watery stuff. CD 1-5 period/spotting CD 6 nothing CD 7 nothing, BD CD 8 nothing, BD CD 9 L ovary twinges CD 10 L ovary pain, cramps, watery CM, BD CD 11 L ovary pain, cramps, watery CM, BD CD 12 ovary twinges both sides, cramps, watery CM, BD CD 13-16 we were at the lake so we didn’t get to BD at ALL so I thought I missed it considering that my Ovia app told me my fertile window was cd 13-16! I only had very slight mild cramps during our trip, no strong O pains, I was sad. CD 17 nothing, BD CD 18 nothing CD 19 strange day: lower back pain, cramps, and a very FULL feeling in uterus area like I have to pee, it honestly resembled the early pregnancy fullness… tried to find cervix it was super high and tilted toward my back… was this the start of implantation? or did I O late? CD 20 gas (and I say “gas” what I mean is: I felt like throughout the day I kept letting out these small, SUPER NASTY sulfur-smelling farts, which isn’t normal for me..usually when I fart it’s loud and satisfying and not too bad smelling… these weren’t, they were putrid); had the uterine cramping again like CD 19, was this the end of implantation? or did I O late? CD 21 gas like above, BD CD 22 two brief waves of nausea, tender breasts like I had with AF last month.. so I’m thinking oh great, AF’s on her way.. so bummed! CD 23 tender breasts like AF last month, BD CD 24 gas, tender breasts like AF, L ovary twinges? or was that just gas? or is this the start of implantation? CD 25 gas, tender breasts like AF, three total waves of nausea throughout the day, L ovary “numbness/pressure” last night after I got up to pee along with one brief body tingle sensation CD 26 gas, tender breasts like AF, L ovary dull pain, lower back pain CD 27 everything kinda stops… just slight AF cramps. At this point… I’m thinking I’m out, because my first pregnancy with my son was completely different—I was dead tired like fall asleep in the middle of the day tired and had slightly sore breast/armpits and just felt run down and “knew” I was pregnant by this point. CD 28 AF due today; three waves of nausea and felt extremely HOT and sweaty visiting my DH’s grandma, lower back pain, BD, all symptoms disappear by 7pm CD 29 AF hasn’t come yet; CP low, soft, closed; wake up feeling normal, but more brief waves of nausea and “hot flashes” start around 10am like yesterday, lower back still hurts… I told DH I wanted to get a couple tests tomorrow just to see and if it’s BFN then I’ll know AF is just running behind and if I continue to have these weird nausea waves and hot flashes then I’ll have another test on me to take! He agreed. My symptoms disappear by 7pm just like yesterday. CD 30 woke up feeling completely fine and normal, then my lower back starts to hurt like I’ve been standing all day! Took DS to Target to get some tests and went straight to the bathroom to take one and boy was I surprised to see a BFP! Full feeling in uterus starts around 1pm and lasts until bedtime. Super excited but cautiously optimistic as I feel like so many moms in my moms group have had miscarriages. It’s almost like it’s not going to be real for me until a good-looking 12 week scan. I just can’t get excited—life is so sad sometimes.

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