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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP @ 8dpo

Like everyone says; I cannot believe after reading story after story, that I would be here. I have a (almost) 5 year old little girl from a previous relationship. I am now 23 almost 24. Pregnant with #2. Unfortunately I am going to be a single mom to two... I am nonetheless excited, scared and so nervous! After I had my daughter and when I eventually stopped breast feeding her (19 months!) I tracked my cycles through a handy dandy app.. I average a 28/30day cycle. I typically ovulate on CD15/16 ODpo: DTD, felt crampy after wards, had ewcm that night.. Nothing out of the unordinary. 1Dpo: still cramping, mainly from right side. Creamy cm. 2dpo: my goodness my bbs hurt, I noticed my nipples were hella erect. Never experienced that before. Crampy. 3dpo: had a emotional fit over xmas. Weird dream, cramps and just bleh. Creamy cm. 4dpo: tingly bbs, cramps. Just had a "feeling" my bbt was still high 98.3 my bbs felt "hot", my heart beat seemed to be fast too. Idk how to explain it but it felt like it was beating a lot faster than before. Weird dreams. Chapped lips. Gassy. Clear watery cm. CP high and soft. 5dpo: forgetful. Tired. Moody. Kind of blah. Then around 6pm i had the most period like cramps and my bbs were throbbing, mainly on the sides. I literally thought AF was going to burst through the flood gates. Bought three pregnancy tests. 6dpo: absurdly tested. Bfn. Duh. Less crampy more twingy. Tired. Blah. Clear watery Cm. 7dpo. Woke up craving broccoli! I needed raw broccoli and lots of it. Crampy (I was mainly cramping at night time. I noticed when I went to lay down. To go to bed.) Weird dreams. Clear watery cm. irritated. Slight heart burn. My toddler is driving me nnnnuts! So touchy and loving (bless her heart) my skin felt so dry and itchy I was going bonkers itching my head my legs, my arms. 8dpo: I just knew.....dun dun dun. Yes I just couldn't help myself but go into dollar tree buy some tests and start testing. BFP. Faint but it's super there. Bought three more at Walmart after that. FRER 6 days sooner. faint positive and took less than a minute maybe two to show.. Going to keep testing until AF was due. I'm in disbelief. But God blessed me for a reason and I should embrace it.
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Hi ladies Just wanted to share my experience with you. I have been ttc for 4 months and finally got my BFP in month 4. I know the 2WW can be tedious and it has been the case for me as well. I have been googling all symptoms everytime after ovulation and I know all ladies who are ttc do this too. I am 33 and this is my first pregnancy. To be honest, the symptoms are more or less similar to AF. I have been tracking all the signs for the past 3 months and the 4th month (when I got my BFP) was not very different from previous months. 1 dpo - Mild headache 2 dpo - Mild nausea since I woke up (which sometimes I feel when close to ovulation), tired, bloated 3 dpo - Mild nausea, neck pain and back pain (perhaps due to sleeping position), bloated, and very mild cramping 4 dpo - Mild nausea before going to bed at night and when waking up (I thought it was related to the food I have for dinner), mild cramps, acne 5 dpo - Very mild nausea and acne 6 dpo - Mild nausea and bloating 7 dpo - Mild nausea, backache, acne and fatigue 8 dpo - Fatigue and bloating 9 dpo - Mild nausea, fatigue, cramp, bloating, BFN (morning urine) 10 dpo - Not nauseous, mood swings, tender breast (but not as bad as last month), mild cramp, backache, bloating, BFN 11 dpo - Not nauseous, angry for no reason, mild cramps, tender breast, backache, stress (last month my AF came earlier at CD24 and today was CD23 - fear I was out this month too) 12 dpo - Nausea is back (morning), tender breast, cramp (AF type), backache, very hungry and extreme bloating (so much wind coming out like anything LOL ) - Me and hubby was out for dinner that day so I thought it was the food again. 13 dpo - No sign of AF, not nauseous, stress and AF like cramps. Decided to take a test (cheap ebay test) in the morning and SURPRISE - It was two dark lines, could not believe it. It happened finally but I could not believe it and decided to wait for my full cycle of 28 days to test again with my hubby. 14 dpo - Nauseous as soon as I woke up, very vivid dream, cramp is getting worse (AF type), backache, bloating but less than at 12 dpo. 15 dpo - Nauseous (heavy stomach as before and as soon as I wake up), bad cramps, backache, fatigue, bloating 16 dpo - Day AF is normally due, Nauseous (heavy stomach when waking up), bad cramps, backache, bloating, extreme fatigue (feeling sleepy can hardly keep my eyes closed), did two tests in the afternoon with hubby and BFP now confirmed. I am 2-3 weeks pregnant (Clearblue Digital Test). We are both so happy and excited. 17 dpo(today) - Nauseous and heavy stomach just before getting out of bed, cramping, Backache and extreme fatigue. Can hardly keep my eyes open at work. Here you go ladies, these were my symptoms. As you can see they are similar to AF symptoms except for perhaps the nauseous feeling, excessive bloating and extreme fatigue. Congratulations to all of you who recently got their BFP and baby dust to all who are currently trying. God Bless.

So delighted to read your stories. Like how you give your days past ovulation. My hope is taht I will do the same. But for now I cannot say any much. Till when I am sure of the results. My fertility has been a wide ride. Catching up and off. But this did not make me stop in my search for happiness. Even when it feels like. I don't want to be testing anymore. So much disappointments that I am now tired of all these things. If I am pregnant then let it be. Not testing after everyday I have sex. After my visit to Bio tex clinic I realized that I should no longer be so much involved in the child making process. I should enjoy every moment as it is. And that is how my first child came about. Want to apply the same in this situation too.

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