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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 8DPO, thanks to my Gynecologist

Hi Ladies!! I stalked this site for literally 2 weeks and I'm so happy I get to share my BFP with you! You've been warned that I will include TMI, because without TMI the wait is unreal :) Baby Dust to all!!! Background Info 24 yrs old regular 28/29 day cycle 5' 6 137 lbs (probably 5+ now lol) Before I start this, i want to state that I knew I was pregnant before BFP, your body will seriously send out signs. (If you're really in tune and are not making crazy excuses for every little thing) I got my BFP the very first month of TTC (we weren't really trying, we just stopped using condoms). Also, we were intimate every single day i was fertile so i'm pretty sure that helped as well. SYMPTOMS: 1-2 DPO- VIVID DREAMS start. I never dream, ever. Like probably 3 times a year. I didn't think of it then but now I know that was the first sign for sure. 3 DPO- METALLIC taste after brushing teeth at 10:00 p.m.. It was so strong and it lasted for about 30 minutes. To me it felt like the sour/metallic taste that strong antibiotics have when they have no coating. 4 DPO- nothing nada. 5 DPO- Cramping but very light, would only last a few seconds and only about 3 times that days. Slight nausea ?? 6 DPO- Is that a new vein on my right boob, or had i just not noticed it before? EXHAUSTED 7 DPO- It gets real. I had previously scheduled my yearly checkup with my ob-gyn and had mentioned to him absolutely NOTHING. I did not want him to look at me as though I was crazy. I mean really, who scores on the first month anyway? Long story short, transvaginal ultrasound. He looked at me said " You're period is not due for 7 days and your uterus seems to be occupied, did you stop taking measures to prevent pregnancy? I said " I knew it" and teared up. He said, "Well I would bet you're pregnant, you ovulated on your left ovary, I can tell because of that dark spot you see there" (pointed to a darker shade on my ovary next to the fallopian tube). He prescribed me prenatal right away and had me take a blood test the next day to count the hcg. I KNEW IT. Oh, and huge headache. 8 DPO- HCG Confirmed 30 ml, I just knew it. Headache. 9 DPO- HUNGRY, Dreams, occasional cramping (they feel very much like af pre cramps) slight nausea. EXHAUSTED. Headache. 10 DPO- all 9DPO plus my boobs started to get sore (never had that, i don't do pms) The last time i remember them hurting like this was when i was teen and they were growing. 11-14 DPO- 9 to 10 dpo symptoms exhausted, dreams, cramping, boobs and is that heartburn? 15DPO- Took a home pregnancy test just for fun and that blue line is so strong, no doubt about it. Anyway, the first major sign was vivid dreams. My mom said you can't go wrong with those. Best of luck to everyone :)

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