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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Hi ladies,

I got my BFP a few weeks ago, but wanted to post my symptoms and what I did here just in case it helps any of you who are still trying. Plus, I loved readying everyone's happy stories while I was TTC. A little info: I am 34, DH and I were trying to conceive for 4 months. This cycle I used acupuncture (which I had been doing for 3 months at this point), YesBaby! (first month using), and fertility tea (first month using). I also used BBT and various apps (Glow, FF, Ovia). I also followed a fertility diet where I made sure to eat certain nutrients at various phases of my cycle, I stayed hydrated, and I watched how hard I pushed myself during exercise. Also, this cycle we DTD every day during the fertile window, and DTD twice on OD. I have NO idea if anything I did helped, but if I had to guess, I would say it was continuous acupuncture and YesBaby!


1-8dpo: Acne for the first few days (not normal), otherwise nothing out of the ordinary
9dpo: took a test (FRER), BFN of course. I was going to a hh and wanted to be sure.
10dpo: AWFUL backache like I had just done the superman exercise - I was so uncomfortable sitting at my desk at work. It was strong for a few minutes and then I felt dull backache off and on through 11dpo
11dpo: slight backache
12-14 dpo: Nothing out of the ordinary, which is unusual for me because I normally have REALLY sore bbs for the entire week leading up to my period.
I took at test (FRER) on 13dpo and got my BFP! I took tests every day for the rest of the week and watched the line get darker! I have slowly been getting early pregnancy symptoms (all the ones I had during the months I wasn't pregnant!). So far just EXTREME fatigue, on and off cramps/pinching, slight nausea if I don't eat, heartburn, and on and off constipation.

I truly wish all you ladies TTC the very best of luck! And to all those (and me!) that have gotten positives, I hope the little bebe sticks!

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