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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 1 year TTC Baby #1...still in shock!

I promised myself I would post here after following all of your stories for the past year. They have made me laugh, cry and most importantly, given me hope. To all of you TTC, I just want to say even though at times it can be very hard not to, don't give up it will happen for you! The universe has a plan for you. At times I questioned if this would ever happen for us as each month that passed it was becoming harder to see. Please don't lose hope <3 My story/journey is a bit long so here it goes! DH and I are both 32 years old and have tried everything throughout the past year: preseed, sex every day, sex every other day, ovulation kits, mucinex, every supplement known to man, different positions, charting, etc. Since I am over 30, after 9 months of this I went to see my doctor. She sent me for an ultrasound and when the results came back she said it looked like I have a subseptate uterus and she referred me to a fertility clinic. DH and I went through all of the initial testing at fertility clinic (blood tests, sperm analysis, etc.) and I was sent for a sonohysterogram to get a better idea about the shape of my uterus. The doctor who performed my sono told me I did not have a subseptate uterus at all, that is was a bit heart shaped but not enough to cause any problems fertility wise. She also told me both my tubes were open and everything was good. I was so incredibly relieved! All of our blood work came back good, besides my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) being a bit high for TTC (it was 3.4...ideal 1-2). I was put on very low dose of synthroid and have been taking that for about 2 months now. Everything was good with DH besides low motility (29). They gave him a supplement called FertilPro to take daily and he has been taking that for about 3 months now. Since going to the fertility clinic a few months ago we decided not to try so hard and give ourselves a break. We had sex when we felt like more charting or opks, I had a few drinks when I felt like it instead of not touching alcohol during the 2WW like I did in previous months, and we had fun with each other again!! The holidays were very hard for me as many friends, including my best friend and my younger sister announced their pregnancies. I was heart broken. Little did I know I was pregnant too!! Since I did not chart or use opks, I do not know exact dates but will share my symptoms: - I have a 25-26 day cycle. DTD on CD 11, 12, 13, 14, 23, 24 - I had ewcm on CD11 - On CD18 I came down with a really bad cold...I never get sick! Woke up with a sore throat, cough and runny nose. Just felt like crap in general - Stomach was itchy and I developed a small rash that kind of comes and goes...strange because I never get rashes or have itchy skin - New Years day went for Chinese food with DH family it is our tradition...everything tasted disgusting to me. Literally spit out a piece of chicken in my napkin lol. No one else seemed to think so - I usually get sore boobs before period and didn't...just very sensitive and erect nipples - High sex drive right before period supposed to be due when I usually am not at all interested in sex at that time as I am PMSing lol - Feeling very emotional...cried thinking about something happening to my dog for no reason lol nothing happened to make me even think about that So yesterday I just had this feeling. I knew I was pregnant. I haven't tested in months because I used to test like crazy and I couldn't bear to see another negative test. I went grocery shopping and threw some tests in my cart. Even though I was't due for my period until the next day something told me to take a test. And there it was...a faint line!!! I have never seen even the slightest hint of another line. Couldn't believe my eyes. Called my sister and sent her the pic to make sure I wasn't crazy lol. She said you aren't crazy that's the real deal right there and started crying too. Went out and bought a clear blue digital which said Pregnant 1-2 weeks!! :) Calculated due date is September mom's birthday. I am still in shock...after 1 year and so many negative tests it truly is hard to believe. I feel so happy and thankful. Praying that this is a sticky bean <3 Baby dust to all of you, please hang in there and know that it will happen for you.


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Wow dear, ia m happy for you. All those days trying to vconceive with no luck. I can say that you are not alone. There are many people who are going through that nearly everyday. But your story feels like motivation. Mine has been like a nightmare. You can imagine 7 years with endless pains and loss. It feels like no one is there for you. But I thank my husband as he has been there for me ll that long. And yes, concerning the TSH it does affect. Especially it is bad to stress yourself fir not having a child. It might be another reason why you are not getting pregnant. Like having sex just because you want a child. Intimacy should come natural and let fertility be what it wants to be like. But if you keep on focusing about it, it will be tough to make it at the nd of the day. Going through the same, Bio tex clinic taught me a lot. Anyway, all the best in your pregnancy.

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