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BFP after 10 cycles - high FSH and spotting

I am in my 6th week of pregnancy and I'm still in shock! DH (30) and I (34) started TTC in December 2016. I was on b.c. pills most of my adult life but I did take a break for a few years in there. I, like most ladies who are TTC, came off the pill and expected to get pregnant the 1st month. Our whole lives we are taught don't have unprotected sex because you WILL get pregnant, so of course we have it instilled in us that this is the way it should happen. The months passed by and after about 3-4 months with nothing, I really started to think something was wrong. I could name at least 4 girls I know who all had recently gotten pregnant on the "first try." I didn't get why this wasn't happening for me. To take the stress off, I booked a routine visit with my gyno to fall on the 6th month TTC. Of course this appt. came and went. My gyno sent me for bloodwork, a transvaginal ultrasound and an HSG (although I opted to wait on this because she said it could be painful). My bloodwork came back good except she said my FSH was "a little high". She said they like to see it below 10 and mine was 11.6. Of course I Googled this and was DEVASTATED - everything basically said I probably wouldn't be able to get pregnant on my own and maybe not even thru fertility help. However, I did read that women with high FSH could improve their egg quality so I cut back on drinking, stopped drinking coffee, starting taking coQ10, started making a superfood smoothie every morning which included wheatgrass, spiralina, chlorella, maca, flax, chia, spinach. I made all of these changes at the beginning of July and I got pregnant on my August cycle - which would have been my 10th cycle TTC. It might have just been coincidence because I read that any changes in your egg quality take around 3 months to happen. Anyway, we couldn't be happier! My symptoms were as follows:

I literally had no unusual symptoms and thought we were definitely out for this month. We only BD'd 2 days before ovulation, and I didn't think this was enough. However, it was my birthday week so I figured I would just have fun and we could start fresh with trying in September. 4 days (11 DPO) before AF was due I had a few drips of pinkish red blood and figured it was AF coming early. The same thing the next day, and then the 2 next days it was more of a dark brown spotting. I 100% thought it was AF and everyday I just kept waiting and at this point hoping to get it because I was like ok lets just move onto the next cycle already! My bbs were really sore too so I definitely thought that was a pms symptom as well. Then when AF was 3 days late I was like let me just take a test to rule it out (still in denial) and the faintestttt light pink line shows up on a FRER (I had to use a flashlight to see it and thought I was going crazy). The next morning I took another FRER and sure enough a tiny bit darker but still very very faint and this was already 17 DPO. It finally took a digital test which said "pregnant" for us to believe it!

I know it's easier said than done but try and stay positive!! Looking back on these last 9-10 months I wish I had just enjoyed it more and didn't stress over every little thing, but I know it is hard for some of us not to. Good luck ladies!


I'm happy it didn't take you too much longer to get that bfp. It can become your whole life...pretty stressful indeed. Keeping everything crossed for a HH9 for you two!! :D

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