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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 12 months TTc

Now that it has begun to set in that I am really finally pregnant, I wanted to share my experience. I am 30 and my OH is 38. We have been TTc for a year officially (14 months or so unofficially). We have no known hinderances. My cycle is between 28-30 days with spotting when doing a C.M. check a couple days before. I ovulated around Feb 27, checking C.M. and 3 different apps that finally synced up after 10 or so cycles. We bd’ 2 days before and the day after. This cycle he upped his vitamin intake and make fertility from GNC (I thought he might od on them). 1-4 dpo I ate fresh pineapple. This first day o screwed up and ate 95% of the core only to read right after I finished I was supposed to eat the core with every piece the following days. 5/6 dpo nothing 7 dpo I had rumbling in my stomach and low pressure like under my pants line. 8 dpo I woke up with what I thought was allergies. In my mind I wanted to think I was sick with a cold but didn’t want to get my hopes up. 9-11dpo continued cold symptoms sneezing , runny nose, and just exhausted. Boobies started to become sore. 11dpo-14dpo I had a cough and still do but I couldn’t stop pooping (sorry but holy heck it was ridiculous). I had super mild cramping sensations and just stared at the tp the whole time waiting for af to show. 17 dpo St. Patrick’s Day I manned up and took a test. I was so tired of seeing Bfn’s. Almost instantly two pink lines! I must say I am glad I waited to test as I had mildly prepared for it to be positive and at the same time being realistic I could just be 3 days late.


Congratulations!! What a lovely BFP story!!!

Congratulations dear. Your story is all positive. I am loving it as it will serve as an encouragement to other members. You are very patient and you deserved the reward. You will soon have the blessing in your arms. Nothing feels good as motherhood. I am very sure you can't hide the joy. Coples who suffer infertility of different kinds are having a hard time. Some are going through rejection and divorce. You can't believe my friend suffered public shame for being infertile. Her DH was supportive and stood with her. She had an ovarian cyst that made her womb be removed. The inlaws kept telling her she will never have a kid. Finally she heard about B io te xc om in Ki ev. She underwent the process of surrogacy. The process is affordable and she was matched for a surrogate very easily. The mothers have gone through screening that is why there is high chance os success.

My congratulations are in order. I do tend to believe that it was such a wait. But finally you have managed to come out as the winner. I am honestly proud of you. Do hope that things will go out well. perhaps you can now enjoy life in your pregnancy. Some winning things about going to the movies: You’ll get out of the house. You’ll enjoy two uninterrupted hours to yourself. And you’ll give your swollen feet a break. Trust me, enjoy this all now while you still can. While you should avoid all sorts of scary sites that tell you things are going wickedly. Horribly wrong.Mommy blogs are a good place to learn about pregnancy and parenting from the front lines. They’re funny and smart and will help you feel less isolated when your only human company is a crying, pooping, gassy baby. Do Yoga And Mild Exercise. The best thing to remind yourself in this age of parental anxiety is something a litigious-minded doctor will probably never tell you. Trust your gut and do what works for your family.

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