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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 13 failed cycles!

DH and I got married in December 2014, and were hoping to get pregnant straight away. I went off BCP one month before the wedding, and we began trying straight away in January 2015. Month after month, nothing happened. I imagined all sorts of symptoms, stared at evap lines, and cried a lot every time AF showed. In December 2015, DH and I decided to start getting tested. He an a SA, and all came back fantastic, and I had an ultrasound that came back normal as well. I was just at my doctor last week talking about infertility testing. He gave me a referral to an RE, and we scheduled an HSG for the week after I was supposed to start cycle 15... but AF never showed! I guess what they say about it taking up to a year for perfectly healthy couples really is true! I didn't test at all until the day after AF was due, so here's my day-by-day symptoms for your enjoyment! CD1: 12/14/2015 O Date: CD18 12/31/2015 NYE!! BD on 12/27 (O-4), 12/29 (O-2), 12/31 (O) BFP on 1/14/2016! 1-3 DPO: Sore boobs and sensitive nipples let me know that I O'ed. The sore boobs happen every month, but the nipple sensitivity is new. This lasted the whole TWW. 4 DPO: My face breaks out like I'm a teenager. This is abnormal. Usually I only get one pimple right before AF is due. Boobs and nipples still sore. 5 DPO: Still sore boobs and sensitive nipples. 6 DPO: I have light brown/peach colored spotting after BD. I just assumed that I irritated my cervix, and didn't think anything else of it. I now think this was implantation spotting. Boobs and nipples still sore.Boobs and nipples still sore. 7-8 DPO: Still sore boobs and sensitive nipples. 9 DPO: I got a stitch in my side like I get when I'm running, but I was just sitting at the dinner table. Super weird. Boobs and nipples still sore. Also, I had the faintest, lightest spotting on the toilet paper when I wiped. I could only see it when I held the toilet paper at a certain angle in the light. I never thought I would inspect my toilet paper like a crazy person until I started TTC! Anyway, when I saw this I was disappointed because I usually spot for a few days before AF shows up. I never saw another drop of spotting after this. 10 DPO: I get another side stitch, and I also start getting nauseous pretty much all day, but more noticeable when I'm hungry. Boobs and nipples still sore. 11 DPO: Still nauseous, and now I start having really vivid dreams. Boobs and nipples still sore. 12 DPO: Nauseous, vivid dreams, sore boobs and nipples, and another break out on my face. I assumed that this one was the one I get before AF since she was due at any time now. Still haven't seen another drop of spotting, which I'm finding odd. 13 DPO: AF is due today. Temp is still high, and haven't spotted yet. Today I'm still nauseous, and I even get lightheaded when I get hungry and need to eat. Had more vivid dreams, and the first weird thing of the day happened: My normally stick-straight hair was wavy. I googled this, and saw that this can happen during pregnancy. I also cry when DH says something nice to me, which is slightly unusual, but I'm a crier, so I don't take it too seriously. Here's the second weird thing: When I got home from work, my dogs went CRAZY. They wouldn't leave me alone! Jumping up on me, licking my face, cuddling up next to me all night long! 14 DPO: Woke up at 5:15 because I couldn't sleep! Took my temp and it was WAY up, even though I took it 2 hours early... hmm. DH is already up for work and basically tells me I can't put it off any longer. So, I get up and use 2 ICs on my FMU. I go back in the bedroom, and wait 5 minutes, and go back and check.... Lo and behold, BFPs on both tests! I immediately start sobbing and DH calls from the bedroom, "So it's negative?" and I yell back "No!". After a short pause, I hear "...what??". So I tell him to come look, and he, being so used to helping me with my OPKs, says "But the second line isn't as dark as the first line" and then I had to explain how HPTs work. He said he wouldn't believe it until he saw it in writing. I went out at 6 AM to buy FRERs and CB Digitals, and with SMU, those are positive too! I know it's still early, but I couldn't be more excited to find out that I can, in fact, get pregnant!


That is a great story! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for posting this. I hope my dogs get like that when I become pregnant! Wish you all the best!!

Congratulations! Fingers crossed for a happy and healthy 9 mos.

Awwww congradulations!!

Thank you so much ladies!! 

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