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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Bfp after 14dpo :) 2 months of diet change

I hope my story can benefit you just like how I benefited from some of the mum to b here :) I'm really thankful to come across this website and learnt many things - kudos to the team

I had always thought conception is a super easy process and I always get my period on time even during stressful periods so I thought it should be no issue. I even started off WITHOUT any positive changes to my diet except some folic acid. However after 4 months which I read was an average conception time for those in early 30s ,I still do not see the results and started to worry and consulted a gynae who found no issue with me and deduce I could probably be showing some mild sign of insulin resistance (which develops into pcos) and advised me to cut down on sugar drastically. If I still do not see results I can consider hsg test to see if my tubes r blocked. Being on the cautious side I started to undergo this strict diet (refer below) for 1 to 2 months and oso cut off cold and icy drinks (tcm guide) and on the month I took my hsg test I got pregnant ( sorry I can't assume this helped but I think it might have cleared something in my tube) :) so all in all it took me 6 months and through this process I started to really detest sweet stuff which I have been researching on and it is really harmful to women's fertility , hormones and youth so all ladies please take note!! Its hard to cut down at first esp for sweet tooth like me but the body does get use to it after a while and I stopped craving for sweet stuff ever since.

The 1 to 2 month diet and supplement:
I increased my massage sessions to help me relax more too

Royal jelly
Evening primrose during ovulation phase and flax oil in luteal phase
Prenatal suppl
Lots of dark fruits filled with antioxident
Healthy nuts like walnuts
Vegetable powder - really hate veg but still try to boil some broccoli at times
Almond milk and no low fat stuff
Stay clear of sugar
Warm feet with socks at night in bed during luteal plase which I heard can keep the womb warm
No cold or ice drinks and just warm drinks


7 dpo No symptoms except occasional twinges at lower abdominal area
8 to 9dpo keeping my mind occupied about other stuff rather than conceiving :) not much symptoms btw
10 dpo Sudden diarrhea. Drank room temperature milk n ate spicy pasta

11dpo July right left center mild twinge.
Flu n feverish

11doo night very light bleeding. On and off twinges. Backache to pelvic ache when waking up . high basal mid day 37.17 continues to bed time. Pelvic ache stopped. Got my first faint positive

14dpo A positive with clear blue digital. :) feel feverish which I guess due to lower immunity

So never give up!! Baby dust and stay healthy ! :)


Thank you for sharing your story. Love to hear other ideas out there. Good luck! Wishing the best for you.

Thanks for sharing! I'm thinking about a diet change also.

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