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BFP after 1st IVF cycle

I'm writing this at 20 weeks pregnant. I'm still wondering whether I should wait a few weeks more. Anyway this is my BFP Story (warning it's a long story). I am now 38 and DH is now 40. I went off bcp in December of 2013 and we got pregnant on our first cycle. Sadly I was only was pregnant for a week after we found out (5 weeks) and I miscarriaged. I so desperately wanted to be pregnant again. Fast forward 10 months and I was still not pregnant. I thought I better get myself and DH checked out. By the time we finished all the tests it was December of 2014 and the tests came back all normal. There was no reason why we couldn't get pregnant. January and February of 2015 we started clomid and trigger shot. March we did Femara and trigger shot. April we had a break and even then I still didn't get by BFP. May and June of 2015 we did an IUI. Still bfn and we had another set of tests just to make sure nothing was wrong and it was all fine. Dr advised us to proceed to IVF. July we stopped TTC before we started IVF. We were about to start IVF in August when I found out I was pregnant again. Sadly again at 5 weeks I also miscarriaged. They did a bunch of tests and everything came up normal. I then developed what the Dr thought was Thrombosis which turned out to be a huge cyst on my left ovary. The IVF was postponed until the cyst disappeared. In October my cycle was super long cycle (45cd) I thought I was pregnant but in the end I wasn't. Come November of 2015 I was about to start IVF and my AF came early at 24cd. It was a total surprise nothing was prepared I had no meds and hadn't visited the Dr. I managed to get an appointment and my IVF cycle was on its way. The meds gave me big headaches and made me feel tired. The meds effect people in different ways so I don't recommend planning any events around that time. Btw some injections are better taken on the butt not leg. Trust me it hurts. Egg retrieval was scheduled 10 days after I started the injections. I managed to produce 8 eggs. 1 day after egg retrieval we were informed only 3 of the eggs fertilised. Embryo transfer was scheduled the next day. They implanted 2 embryos both perfect as can be. The third embryo didn't survive. The Dr didn't tell me to do anything special no bed rest no anything just no bd for 2 weeks until my beta. I even went for a walk after the embryo transfer! During the wait I had so many symptoms but since I was taking all sorts of hormones I didn't trust my symptoms. I had extremely sore boobs, insomnia, could smell everything etc About a week after the transfer I started going off coffee. This made me think if I might be pregnant. I took a hpt test and it came up with 2 lines but the second line was faint so I thought it might be the trigger shot. I took another one the next day and the next and the lines got darker. I had the beta scheduled for 11dp3dt and the beta hcg came up as 244. I could not believe it! I've never had such a high number. 4 days later we did a repeat beta and it was 1026. 16 days after the first beta we found we were having twins and we heard both their heart beats. They continue to grow and now and again I feel them giving me subtle kicks. There has been some scares. I spotted a few times in the first trimester and still do this day I check to see if I'm bleeding. For those still TTC I think the most important lesson for us was we needed to stop obsessing about the whole process. We needed to enjoy life. During the TWW of our IVF cycle we took time off work relaxed, had fun, and went to bed early. Secondly I regret not going to the Dr earlier and doing IVF earlier. It would have saved me from heart break and feeling sad especially when others were pregnant and we were not. DH and I had a discussion about this subject yesterday and we thought for us the reason why it hadn't worked earlier was due to the egg and sperm quality. Baby dust to all and good luck remember make TTC only part of your life not your whole life. Remember who you were before TTC.


congrats!!! and i love your last statement

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