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BFP After 1st IVF/ICSI Fresh Transfer!

Hello ladies! I discovered this forum only in my two week wait (this past one). I was so grateful to find this support network that I promised myself I would share when it would one day be my turn! So, a bit of back story: Me and DH are 33. I had an ovarian cyst removed a few years ago and stage 2 endometriosis. My RE this past month told me that it often returns and could be hindering our chances considerably. Also, the surgery affected my AMH which showed I had 14 follicles. My husband has a morphology of 2% and his motility is 75%, BUT they're SLOW. So we discovered this after 10 months of trying. I got us in for tests early basically because of my history and wanted as much knowledge as possible. We tried a total of 11 months including 2 months of Letrozole and then went right into IVF. Didn't bother with IUI because according to my RE, it would only increase our chances from 4% to 8% because of our factors. SO. Retrieval we got 7 eggs, 5 mature and all 5 fertilized. On transfer day (day 5) they informed us we had one good embryo to transfer and the others didn't look so hot. They were going to give them until day 6. On day 6, one embryo fought through and they froze it! So here are my symptoms: Transfer day: cramping and tired, but figured it was from the procedure and all the drugs since I did retrieval just 5 days previously. Migraine in the evening. 2 dpt: nauseous and sore boobs, but figured it was still from drugs. 3 dpt: one, strong pinch. Face starting to get oily. Sore boobs, but must be the drugs. 4 dpt: a constant poking feeling ALL day on my left side. Didn't hurt, just annoying. Oh, and I started to get acne like mad! 5 dpt: acne is in full force. I'm a born again teenager. Bbs hurt. Felt pretty good overall. 6 dpt: same as above and hurts my boobs to hug people. Felt pretty good overall. 7 dpt: same as above and chilly/tired. Just felt off. 8 dpt: boobs not as sore, so of course, begin googling "disappearing symptoms before BFP" and had cramps in lower abdomen and back for a couple of hours. Thought it may not have worked. 9 dpt: boobs a bit sorer, no cramps. Acne is raging. 10 dpt: boobs the same as is my teenage face. BETA test day! 11 dpt: boob pain decreased considerably. Have STRONG cramps that feel just like AF for 2 hours and then begin spotting. I sob hysterically over the toilet and think all these signs point to negative. I was waiting to read the results because DH was away, but I called him and told him what just happened. He said, "okay, why don't you just read the email over the phone and we can get it over with". I hadn't even considered it because I thought I was 100% getting my period. I opened the email and it was like a scene from a movie "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" through hysteric tears. It's positive!!!!!!!! He then Facetimed with me on the bathroom floor in a crumpled mess. We're both crying. Feeling confused and overwhelmed after that unnecessary rollercoaster. Beta HCG was 40. 12 dpt: boobs sore again, acne still here (thanks hormones, but now it makes sense!), little indigestion. Second Beta HCG is 83!! Doubled! This day was the first time I did a FRER. I didn't want to POAS before beta. 2 very clear lines :D What I didn't do: Royal Jelly. Took one bite of pineapple core and was like "nope!". It's so tough to eat, don't know how you guys do it lol. What I did: Acupuncture once a week the month before. Acupuncture right before and right after the transfer. Day of the transfer we walked to lunch and then I came home and napped. Went to a play that evening. Stayed warm and kept my feet warm. We went away the day after transfer (anniversary!) and spent the weekend in the woods, in peace. Went for walks and enjoyed one another. Back to work after a few days. Celebrate the little wins. I did today and I'm hoping for you. I'm with you. I see you. xoxo


Praying for you!

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