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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP After 2 BFN HPT and 1 BFN Blood Test!

My period was 6 days late. I was having symptoms that matched up with my usual PMS symptoms - but no AF! I was so frustrated and felt like I was crazy. I peed on two sticks and BFN. I happen to go to my family doctor for an annual allergy medicine refill and I requested a blood test. The next day I got the call with a BFN. I was disappointed, sure, but more confused because STILL no period. Friends and sisters told me to just move on, but I still didn't feel like it was time yet. Yesterday I happened to be at a store and there was a sale on pregnancy tests, so I decided to stock up considering we are 'trying' and it never hurts to have extra. "Just for fun" I took one of the tests - at this point I was 15 days late and no AF but my boobs hurt a little- and BAM. There it was! BFP!!! I took two more tests thinking they were malfunctioning or something- nope! All BFPs!

I want to take this time to encourage all of you and let you know that even if multiple tests come back BFN and you think it's the end of the word- DON'T GIVE UP! Try not to let it get you down! You never know- you could be like me and find that 3 negatives do turn into a big fat positive!!!


Thanks for sharing your story. After several iui's one ivf and the current fet it's been a difficult journey fighting with infertility for 9 years. Yesterday I got bfn on a pee stick and totally devastated, don't know what to do now. I feel so sad and empty at the same time. Tomorrow is 14 dpt and going for beta. Deep down still feel that God can do a miracle even now. Please pray for me .

I really wish I could post my story like you after my beta! Why I am still hopeful ? Why can't I give up? I know it is not good to keep my hopes high

yay!!! Congratulations! Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed to hear this.

Congrats on your bfp!!! God is so amazing and when he Bless you he Bless you. I'm using preseed this month on top of clomid for the first time. I've been pregnant before but ended in losses so i'm hoping i'll be posting here next month about my amazing bfp :). Have a happy 9 months and God Bless You!!!

I honestly believe this is my month I've had 5 hpt and a blood test bnf but I still can not shake this feeling. I'm not due my af till tomorrow.

Feeling very down, after a failed IVF and FET. I was so sure it was a BFN cos I had no AF. I am so down right now. Anyone had a BFN with no AF after a FET

Feeling very down, after a failed IVF and FET. I was so sure it was a BFN cos I had no AF. I am so down right now. Anyone had a BFN with no AF after a FET

Beta test today BFN(<2) with shock, thought it was gonna be BFP since i started experiencing mild cramp here and there, light headache, nauseus etc, anyway period hasn't arrive yet, maybe still a glimpse of hope? who knows.....

I'm so relieved to have ready your story! I did 100mg of clomid and my first round of IUI this cycle (double shot!). I've had 3 bfn, today I had a blood test and also bfn...but NO AF yet!!!!!
Feeling different from my usual pre period symptoms. My lower belly is super tight and been feeling bloated for a few days now....
The nurse today told me to come back in a week or 2, my cycles are sooo regular this is weird and you've given me hope again!

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