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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 2 miscarriages and 17 months TTC

This is for all of the momma's and momma's to be out there who have suffered losses and feel like it's taking forever to conceive again. I faithfully read the bfp stories that other ladies had shared every day for the 17 months I was TTC. This site gave me hope when I lost all hope, it was here for me and understood what I was going through when no one IRL could. Now it's my turn to give back bc I'm finally pregnant with a perfectly healthy and active baby that's kicking me right now. I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant and I wanted to wait until after my 20 week anomaly scan to share my BFP story so everyone reading knows this bfp resulted in a baby. That was something I always wondered while reading the bfp stories. I'm 26 and DH is 29 and we began TTC when I was 24 and him 27. I charted my bbt using fertility friend and I read TCOYF other then that we didn't do anything special. I stopped the nuva ring may 2014 (my hormones were a mess for a year after I stopped BC. I also suffered many side effects from all forms of BC and I personally believe that my miscarriages were caused from being on BC from the age of 14.) We conceived on our third month trying and sadly miscarried at 6 weeks. After my miscarriage I didn't ovulate for 5 months. On the 6th month after mc I finally ovulated and I conceived that cycle Jan 2015. Sadly I miscarried again at 6 weeks. I know a lot ppl say that the line on the test doesn't mean anything but for me it did. With both of my MC I had very faint lines on FRER that barely got darker. I also never got more then 1-2 weeks pregnant on clearblue digi weeks indicator. My first MC I had zero symptoms except bleeding after sex before bfp. My second MC the only symptom I had was sore nipples that abrubtly stopped hurting before I miscarried. I'm not sharing any of this to scare anyone I'm just sharing what happened to me. After my second MC I only had 2 anovulatory cycles. My cycles at first were irregular and as they started to regulate my period went from being 7 days to a wonderful 4 days. Just before I conceived my rainbow my cycles averaged 26 days with a 4 day period and my leutal phase varied from 12 to 14 days. We were TTC 9 months after the second MC and a total of 17 months since our TTC journey began. By that point my dh and I started discussing fertility testing, we weren't purposefully trying anymore, and we decided to focus on other things. We were planning our move across Canada to be close to our family again, and focused on our future together. I decided to take a break from charting because it had become stressful. I still watched my cm though. I had a very bad poas addiction and I continued to test every cycle with 3 or more FRER. I tried using cheapies but I would just talk myself into believing they were wrong and buy FRER anyways. I truly believe in God's timing. We conceived our rainbow Oct 2015 9 months after our second MC. On Oct 25 my dh proposed and based off of my cm that's when I suspect I ovulated. My dating ultrasound lined up with that date as well. My BFP cycle I 100% believed I was NOT pregnant. Nothing made me think I was pregnant in fact I thought I was in for a terrible period. I'm sorry I wasn't tracking symptoms by dpo but here is what I experienced. -terrible cramps that were no different then my usual premenstrual cramps. I kept thinking any day my period is going to start. - my boobs hurt so bad and felt very heavy - I had my usual creamy premenstrual cm - I was more emotional then usual - I did experience a couple mild headaches - I was more tired then usual But again these were all symptoms I would get before my period. Looking back I tested on 10dpo. On the day I tested I thought for sure it would be a stark white negative. I didn't feel pregnant and I only tested bc I tested every month. I bought frer before going into work and I poas in my work bathroom. I put the test on the sink while I went about my business and washed my hands. My goodness was I shocked when I finally looked down and seen that beautiful pink line. I seriously could not believe it. It wasn't a solid line but it wasn't a squinter either, that line was definitely there. From that point on I poas 10 more times every other day and my line got progressively darker. My line beat the test line on 18 dro. CB digi said 2-3 on 18 dpo and on 21 dpo it said 3+. When I seen that 3+ pop up on the screen I fell to my knees crying and I thanked God for blessing me with this baby. My baby is due July 12th 2016 and I can't wait to meet him or her. I pray that each and everyone of you will get your your much longed for bfp and have your beautiful & healthy babies in your arms!


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Congratulations!  Sending sticky dust your way.  Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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