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BFP After 2 Years of Trying and First Acupuncture Session

Hi All, I am 32 years old, and after three and a half years off birth control and a little over two years of actively ttc, we finally have our first BFP. After a little over a year of trying we had my husbands sperm tested. Tests came back with extremely low sperm count, just 2 million total, and 30% motility and 1% morphology. After we got the test results my husband went to a specialist and they determined that there was not anything physically wrong with him that was making it so his sperm was low, and that diet and health should be the number one focus. My husband who was slightly underweight for his 6'3 frame and had never really given his diet much thought spent hours doing research. We changed our diets to a whole foods/ real foods diet, ate all the recommended sperm super foods, and started working out! After nine months of diet change and still no pregnancy, I decided to visit a recommended fertility acupuncturist. I visited her on approximately 9dpo, she gave me some Chinese herbs to take, that she said were commonly taken to treat pms symptoms and that would help with overall uterine health. On day 11dpo I had spotting and presumed it was my period coming early, as I am typically very regular, and thought that my body must have been sensitive to the herbs and acupuncture, on 12 dpo, I noticed I didn't have any new spotting, and in 13 dpo my cervical mucus was clear, it was then that I realized that it must have been implantation bleeding and I ran to the store and got my BFP!! I just had my first ultrasound yesterday at 7 weeks 2 days pregnant, and baby's heart is beating strong! One other thing, a month before getting pregnant we brought home our first family member, a new puppy! My husband swears that we got pregnant because of the puppy, and lists about 5 of our friends who all got pregnant after they got a dog :-) BD day 10 BD day 12 BD day 14/ ovulation day Acupuncture 9 DPO Spotting / implantation bleeding 11 DPO BFP 13 DPO The week of 9 dpo I had sore breasts which I always do before my period, but this started earlier than usual and I also had regular feeling pms cramping. The implantation bleeding looked exactly like the spotting that I always get the day before my period starts. After the positive pregnancy test I have felt great, no nauseousness, I do however have a very strong appetite, and my husbands real foods diet doesn't do it, I want carbs covered with cheese! And I am also very tired at night, and ready for bed about an hour and a half earlier than my normal bedtime! Until the ultrasound yesterday, I still felt as if it wasn't possible I was pregnant, I felt too good! Best of luck to you all, my best advice is to focus on your health, I felt that my husband and I were both healthy people before, we were active, not over weight, and tried to eat a balanced diet. But after changing our diet and removing processed foods, and working out dedicatedly six days a week, we both felt like new people, our energy was higher, we slept better, our stress was lower, and we just felt so much better despite the frustration of not being able to get pregnant! I also have to give thanks to the acupuncturist, I have been seeing her weekly since my BFP, and I have no idea if acupuncture was the difference in becoming pregnant, but it's heard to deny the timing!! In addition it's hard to say if the acupuncture is what is making it so that I have no morning sickness and feel fantastic... But I do!!


You give me hope!! My dh only has 2 mil count also! If we're not pregnant this month we're going straight to IVF. Hope you stay symptom free :)

Great story! Ha, "carbs covered in cheese." That's me now, too! My symptoms got significantly stronger after 8 weeks, but I hope yours stay away!

This gives me hope as well, since my DH had only 2 million sperm, though now it's up to 6 million. I too, did acupuncture, however, after going once a week for the past six months, I decided to take a break. However, you making me think otherwise. Good luck with everything!

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