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BFP After 2.5 Years of Trying

I can't believe I am finally getting to post my BFP Story!!! I never thought it would happen again! We are blessed with two beautiful boys. We decided in 2013 to start for #3, I wanted to be done by the time I was 35. We always wanted a bigger family. When I got pregnant with my boys, I got pregnant right away and never thought it would take so long to conceive our 3rd. I went off the pill in Jun of 2013 and we tried for 6 months, then I decided to go to the doctor. Of course they did an ultrasound, blood work and a pap smear. Everything looked great, nothing wrong. I was put on Clomid in January 2014, and it didn't work then, and then I did another round in April, that didn't work either. I stopped going to that doctor since we moved and decided to find a woman doctor that was younger. When I saw her in October 2014, she ordered an HSG test. I thought, perfect, that will help since I had this test done in 2004 prior to getting pregnant with my first. I did the HSG then because my older sister had a septate uterus and a bicorniate (sp?) uterus and had a horrible pregnancy in the hospital for over half and had both her babies at 30 weeks. I wanted to know if I had the same issue, I do have a bicorniate uterus, but it didn't affect either pregnancy. The HSG was done in December 2014, everything was clear, nothing was blocked, I looked perfect, of course. Then in January 2015 she decided to try one more round of clomid to see if that would work after my HSG was clear. It did not work, of course, why would it. Then I had my husband's sperm tested and he has grade A perfect sperm, so I knew the problem was me. :( At this point I was so frustrated, she referred me to an RE in February and this is when it started to get crazy. My husband agreed to do one IUI, so I did all the fertility meds, letrozole, follistim and HCG shot. I had 3 great sized eggs, and none took, of course. At this point I was at my breaking point in March of 2015. I would cry when I found out someone I knew got pregnant, I ended up hiding every pregnant woman I knew on FB because I didn't want to see their posts. During this time my sister gets pregnant with her 5th, I was so happy to have another nephew, but inside I was just dying. I wanted another baby so desperately, my hormones were crazy from all the hormone drugs and I was just a complete mess. I begged my husband to do another IUI in April, which he agreed, and this time, I had a chemical pregnancy, I saw the positive pregnancy test and then I started my period heavy and my blood work was negative. That was so devastating! I talked with my RE and he wanted to rush to do IVF because of my age and he felt anther IUI wouldn't work. He mentioned we could do laproscopic surgery to rule out any Endometriosis. At this point, I was all in, I thought, what did I have to lose, something has to be wrong with me. I had the surgery at the end of May 2015, and it was a quick surgery and absolutely nothing was found. He said my insides were "beautiful". I was so upset, I was officially diagnosed with unexplained infertility. It is the worst label you could have for infertility. We decided to take the summer off and enjoy our vacation and then in the fall, I begged my husband one last time to do another IUI. He finally agreed, but said this was it, no more, and if it doesn't work we are done. He said there has to be an ending at some point to this. I agreed this would be it and we would be done. So October IUI came, and it was a negative again. At this point, I finally gave up and decided to focus on my family which I had neglected these past 2 years because I was so focused on getting pregnant. During this whole time, I kept praying to the Lord, "Let Your will be done, not mine." I felt like God was saying just to trust in Him, so I let it go and I finally was able to come to peace in my heart. January 2016 comes around and I wasn't tracking anything but the start of my period. We only had sex 3 times in January and I couldn't tell you when I even ovulated. So here is what I tracked for you symptom trackers out there. I thought I was completely out because I had no symptoms really. CD 13-15: Ovulation sometime around then. I always ovulate between these days. (We had sex on CD 13 the night we went to dinner and a bar and my husband got drunk. Haha! Possible conception day!) CD 16-19 - Nothing CD 20 - Had major gallbladder pains or attack. Which I then decided to get a doctor appt and finally get my gallbladder checked since I have had issues on and off for year. (Now, I think it could have been something to do with implantation.) CD 24-25 - Had some pink spotting and thought, here we go, my period is going to start a few days early. It is pretty normal to get spotting a day or so before I start. CD 26 - I did not start and thought, that's weird. I checked my cervix and it was really hard and low. I thought AF was coming any moment as I was getting some lower cramps. CD 27- Still no period. I checked my cervix again, and this time it is closed and somewhat higher and not so hard. My cm was lotion like and creamy. I thought nothing of it since it has been like this before my AF. CD 28- AF is due. Still no period and having more cramps. Thinking AF should start today, kept checking in the bathroom, nothing yet. I start to think, could I be?? CD 29 - Still no AF. 1 day late. I check my cervix and it is medium and soft and closed. I now know something is up, AF should have started and my cervix is getting softer, usually it is low and open for AF. CD 30 - Still no AF. 2 days late. I decided to check my temp this morning to see if it is high. It was 98.7. WOW! Super high for this time in my cycle. I went out and got a pregnancy test since I didn't have any. I stopped buying them in October. My husband said to wait a week, but I wanted to know since I am having a girls get together this weekend. I just had a feeling, I took the test and I didn't even have to wait it was a blaring positive BFP!!! I just knew it!!! My husband was working from home today and I went to the basement to tell him he was going to be a dad again. He couldn't believe it! I feel overjoyed and blessed!!! After 2.5 years of trying and then giving up, it can happen to you as well! I had to post because this TWW board has kept my sanity and helped me get through one of the hardest journeys I have ever faced. Thanks to you all for posting you BFPs and Congrats to you all! :)


Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 mos.

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