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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 2.5 yrs TTC; low AMH in early 30s

My DH and I have been pretty private about our infertility journey. I have never posted on a board or blog…this is my first time! During our two week wait, I spent a lot of time on searching the internet, reading stories, searching symptoms. For some it would make them go insane, but for me it gave me a sense of empowerment, hope, control, and most of all a feeling that I was not alone. So, I was compelled to post, and decided that as soon as I got confirmation of a BFP I would share my story, which will hopefully do the same for someone else.

DH and I started trying to conceive in May 2015. By December, I knew something wasn’t right, but DH just knew that we would be ok because I had a child from a previous relationship so I should be able to conceive with no problem. I was still adamant and we got all the testing done with a fertility clinic. The test cam back normal except for a lower than average level of Vitamin D for me and a little lower than average motility level but was nothing for worry about (from what we were told). We made a big move in August 2016 and had several life changing events in the between time, so DH was sure after the move and the less stressful environment we would be ok - he stopped smoking and I began tracking-everything!

By late June 2017 we accepted that we were not going to get pregnant on our own and decided to visit a clinic recommended by someone we trusted. We forwarded all the paper work and results to the doctor who immediately noticed that I had a low AMH (1.3) for my age. The doctor immediately tested my blood again and have my husband provide another sample. With DH quitting smoking his count doubled and his motility drastically improved, but my AMH had decreased to 1.02. When the doctor explained to me what the actually meant I had a mini breakdown. I begun to research on the internet and it showed that my AMH was that of a women in her 40s instead of my real age (32/33) which is why we had not been successful.

After all the testing we formally started our IVF in October with using birth control for a month. The rest of the therapy is as follows:

Nov 15-25 Gonal 75ml-187.5ml shots (the doctor monitored follicles and blood to change dosage)
Nov 20-25 Orglutran shot, one per day
Triggered late night 25 November
Pick up on 27 November with 8-9 follicles and an estradiol level of 1404 on 25 November (we didn’t test on the day of pick up). After pick up the doctor started me on progesterone 3x per day vaginally and aspirin.

Results: 6 eggs, 6 mature, 6 fertilized, 5 made it to blast (day 5), 2 transferred, 3 frozen.

We transferred two embryos back on 2 December which begun our two week wait.

1dp5dt - Even though we did the transfer on a Saturday I decided that I would take an additional 2 days off from work because I tend to stress about work. I was not on bed rest but took it easy. There were no symptoms except sore breast and still pretty tender ovaries which was most likely from the hormones and pickup.

2dp5t -4dp5t - minor cramping like AF was coming at any point, bloating, and very gassy (sorry tmi), same sore breast but gradually getting better.

5d - 7dp5t - bloating continued, but getting better, on and off cramping, slight back pain and sleepiness.

8d & 9dp5t - I was convinced that IVF did not work, I woke up with a negative feeling and my symptoms were decreasing. The cramping was only slight and intermittent throughout the day. I started to feel more like myself since the pick up and I thought that was a bad sign. Now that I look back it makes sense because it can take 10-12 days (or so I read on the internet) for the trigger shoot to get out of your system, which means some symptoms will subside. Symptoms: slight cramping, sore breast, but less sore and some/very little back pain.

9dp5t- Took my first HPT…I tried to wait until the beta test, but I didn’t make it. BFP! Symptoms: frequent urination, excess thirst - which may explain the frequent urination-slight headaches, cramps on and of through the day, gassy and bloating

10dp-14dp5t - Symptoms stayed the same as from 9dp5dt the only addition is this “leakage” or discharge. I was really concerned so we did a HPT every day. It was a really watery discharge that was outside the normal white discharge from the vaginal inserts of progesterone. I did not remember this with my first pregnancy so I searched and searched the internet to see this was common. I did find a few post that had women who experienced this, but it still made me nerves for the beta testing

Morning of 14dp5d was the beta testing. We got the result by the evening of 2128 HcGml, finally confirmation of pregnancy!! Due to the holidays and travel to see family we will not have another test so of course that will stress me out, but I am going to try to stay hopeful. Our first sonogram is schedule for the second week of January and we can’t wait.

For all of those who are struggling through their infertility journey please know that you are not alone, there is nothing deficient about you and you are perfect - everyone needs a little help sometimes, you just need help with conceiving! Good luck and happy thoughts to all of you ladies starting your IVF cycles and many wishes for happy healthy pregnancies and babies.

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