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I still can't believe I am finally writing my very own BFP story after stalking these boards for hope for 3 years while TTC. Sorry this may be long, it has been a long journey. Our TTC story began a year after marriage in April 2014. My cycles were never regular growing up, so I wasn't surprised that they were totally irregular when coming off birth control. I had read about the herbal supplement Vitex to help regulate a woman's cycle and even knew someone that became pregnant while using it so I thought "why not?" and ordered some online. Shortly after starting the supplement I started spotting and thought "Yay! It is already giving me a period!" although the bleeding went on for weeks and weeks. Finally I mentioned it to my doctor and she wanted me to have a pelvic ultrasound to figure out where the bleeding was coming from and to also check for PCOS since my cycles were always irregular. No PCOS (thank god), but I did have one large ovarian cyst that was bleeding. It eventually needed removed since it was not skrinking on its own. I had a laparoscopic surgery in December 2014 to remove the cyst, in which my doctor also informed me I had endometriosis which she removed. She then wanted me to start on Clomid to get me to ovulate regularly and of course I thought that was the answer we were looking for, right? Wrong. I did 6 rounds of Clomid and ovulated every single cycle, but still no pregnancy. My husband had a sperm analysis that came back fine. I also had an HSG to check if my tubes were open and they were. So why was I not getting pregnant?? My doctor then referred me to the fertility clinic. I wanted to try a few rounds of Femara because through research I had found that some people had more success with that than Clomid. After a few months of Femara, still no pregnancy. We then started trying IUI with Femara for ovulation induction and an HCG trigger shot. 3 IUIs and still ovulating every time and no pregnancy. In between cycles I also had a hysteroscopy to check for uterine polyps or anything that could be preventing pregnancy. My doctor did remove a small polyp during that procedure but said it probably wasn't big enough to be a problem anyway. Then why was I not getting pregnant?? I couldn't believe that we were at the point of talking about IVF with no real definitive reason as to why we were not conceiving. Sure, my endometriosis had probably grown back over time but my tubes were open, and I ovulated every time with ovulation induction meds. I was so frustrated to not have a clear answer. And how were we going to afford IVF?? After some thought we decided it was what we needed to do as we were NOT giving up on our dream of becoming parents. We saved up the money we needed and in September 2016 we started the IVF journey. We had 11 eggs retrieved, 9 were mature, and 7 fertilized. On day 5 when we went in for transfer, we had 5 blastocysts to choose from and put one back in. A few days later and lab called and said NONE were able to be frozen. I was crushed, thinking at least a few would have made it to freeze the way they talked about how good my embryos were and that we would have at least one more chance with a frozen embryo transfer. Now everything was riding on this one little embryo that was in me. The TWW was absolute hell. I started spotting around 7dpt and tried to think positively (implantation spotting?) but it continued on through my blood test. I got the call that my beta was 25, and although it was a positive test, the number was very low and was told to be "cautiously optimistic" and as long as my beta 2 days later had doubled we should be alright. I of course didn't listen and was ecstatic that this had finally worked for us, I just knew it was all going to be ok. I was excited to get the call 2 days later from my second beta, but my world was quickly shattered when I was told my beta had dropped and I had most likely had a chemical pregnancy. We were devastated. What were we possibly going to do now? We had already spent so much money, could we really go through it all AGAIN? We took a break from TTC through the holidays and planned to try again in early 2017 when we could save up enough for another round. We were going to use a different IVF protocol this time to see if that gave us any better luck. On egg retrieval day we got 22 eggs! Of the 22 eggs, 12 were mature, and only 5 of those 12 fertilized. Our numbers were quickly dwindling but I tried to remain hopeful. On day 5 for transfer, we had one perfect blastocyst and 2 morulas. The doctor suggested transferring the one blastocyst and leaving the 2 morulas culture a few more days to hopefully become blasts and freeze. Of course I got the call that they were unable to be frozen and we were in the same situation as our first cycle- everything was riding on this one perfect blast. I tried to remain hopeful but I was absolutely terrified and the TWW was torture once again. I started spotting 6dpt and thought "here we go again, just like last time, it can only be bad news." But the spotting was different this time, and only lasted a day. Now I was starting to get hopeful that it truly was implantation spotting. I went in for my blood test on 10dpt before work. The doctor called and left me a voicemail while I was at work but of course I couldn't listen to it. The plan was to wait until I got home and listen to it with my husband. When I got home I was still so terrified to listen to it. What would we possibly do if this hadn't worked? I cried and cried until I finally got the courage for my husband to hit play. Those tears quickly turned into tears of joy- beta 104- WE WERE FINALLY PREGNANT!!!! I honestly could not believe it. I just never thought this would ever happen for us and now here I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. I am still terrified something will go wrong but I am also hopeful and pray that I carry this baby to term and have a happy, healthy miracle child <3 1-5dpt- twinges and cramping off and on 6dpt- spotting, twinges and cramping continue 7dpt- spotting ends, twinges and cramping continue, headaches 7-9dpt- twinges, bad cramping, and headaches 10dpt- Beta 104! 12dpt- Beta 255! 16 dpt- Beta 1868- 7 week ultrasound scheduled for June 8th, 2017 <3


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