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BFP, after 3 1/2 years!!

Hello Ladies! I've stalked this site for years and drawn so much hope from it that maybe I share some of that :) For a while we were titled "unexplained infertility". All hormone level tests and male fertility tests came back with perfect numbers and I ovulated like a champ. After trying naturally for about 18 months, my OB decided a laparoscopy was our best option. To my surprise, he found stage 3 Endometriosis and cleaned me all up. We conceived 4 months later and lost that baby very early. After another 6 months of no success, we went to a specialist. We tried Clomid (3 cycles), Injectables + Trigger (4 cycles) and one round of iui. Because it had been 15 months since my last lap and because during iii prep he thought he saw a "thickening" in my uterus, my specialist decided to don another surgery. He found uterine polyps, a growth on my fallopian tube, stage 2 Endo and lots of adhesions. He cleaned me all up and we conceived naturally the next cycle!! I am 5 weeks,1day pregnant and all looks perfect! I'm the happiest girl in the world and so very grateful for this little miracle. Here are some details about this cycle if it helps anyone... -sex every other day for a week during ovulation (2 days in a row when OPK was positive) -used OPK's -took 1 low dose aspirin per day throughout cycle -ate pineapple & pineapple core for 5 days after ovulation (read it helps with implantation) -low back began to ache at 6dpo, still aches -had the tiniest pink'ish spotting (like a TINY little bit in my cm) when I wiped once at 7dpo, once at 8dpo, once at 12dpo -super faint positive HPT at 8dpo -clearly positive, although still very faint, positive at 9dp -BFP at 10dpo*pic -symptoms very similar to AF, with a tiny variation - heavy breasts, achy low back, very low abdominal pulling, sleepy


Congratulations...I have the same issue but no one has tried to remove my endo

Congratulations! I've never heard about the pineapple eating thing in regards to implantation. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for that tip and baby well wishes to you!

How wonderful! My husband and I've been trying for almost a year now, and reading your story made me feel better. in same boat with all okay and unexplained. Hope I get to write soon too!

I also had 2 laparoscopies, one to diagnose, and the other to treat my Stage 3 Endo. This was my first cycle TTC since recovering from surgery, making it 3 years of TTC. I had to fight with my doctor and finally seek out a second opinion with a doctor who was so wonderful and didn't make me feel crazy for insisting that something was wrong. Unfortunately, my period started this morning, so on to the next cycle. It's so hard to keep believing that it will happen, stories like yours help immensely! Congrats again!

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