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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP After 3 Month Loss 2 D&C Surgeries & a Chemical

I am 37 years with one daughter 6yrs we have been TTC #2 for 11mths since Feb 2013. I fell preg after 6mths of trying and loss the baby at 3mths preg no bleeding no warning the heart had just stopped. I had two D&C surgeries, it was a nightmare and heartbreaking. We started trying again in Dec and on xmas day I got a + test and gave it to my hubby at 11DPO that ended 2 days later with my period arriving so a Chemical, but I was so happy that everything was in good working order after the surgeries. I had heard that after D&C's you can often fall preg again quite quickly as you are all cleaned out inside LOL. So we are now Jan of 2014 and this is my year, it has to be. I just got my BFP at 10DPO and that was even on a digital, today I am 13DPO have missed period today and have been to the doctors and had it all confirmed & my progression is wonderful. I have a really good feeling this time. My best advise is to know when you ovulate using OPK tests. I have a 28 days cycle always and O around CD15-17 so from days 14-18 we are like rabbits lol. The best chance you have of becoming preg is 1-2 days before you actually ovulate as the sperm has a fair distance to travel to meet the egg and if it is sitting waiting and ready to fertilize the egg you have a much better change. Best of luck ladies baby dust to you all and so much needed for me too, it's hard to get preg and it's even harder to keep em with 1 in 3 pregnancies ended in M/C it makes it extremely tough. Oh & if this helps my first BFP was at 9DPO with clear blue plus, 10DPO with FR but barely visible, digital 10DPO + which shocked me. I knew I was preg my only sign was my tummy gurgles only at the time of implantation or when AF was coming & I knew it was way to early for AF. At times I feel a tad sick but no sore boobs like last time yet. That's it. Lots of blessing and prayers x

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