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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Hi all, so i last wrote something on this board over a year ago now, before i resigned myself to spend more time on the little things in life and let the big things take care for themselves.
i am 35 and DH is 31 and we have been TTC #1 since August 2010. We have never had a BFP until this year! I am actually 12 weeks pregnant as of today (had my scan today, and baby is fab!), but wanted to wait to make sure all was well before i posted anything (i didn't want to jinx it!)
So my last period was on the 7th December, and i believe i ovulated around the 21/22 of December. We DTD on the 17/18th and 21/22nd. It didn't even cross my mind that we might be in with a chance, after trying for so long, and with a strange, heavy, spontaneous bleed after we DTD on the 18th.
After being a TWWer and symptom spotter for a very very long time, i though i would know off the bat that i was preggers. i was wrong! It was my LACK of symptoms that made me POAS! Up until the first day of my missed period, i had NO symptoms. I normally spot 2-3 days before i start my period, and there was nothing, not even a show. My boobs were tender but this is standard practice for me every month. I had no nausea, food aversions or any other "early pregnancy symptoms". I didn't know i was pregnant until I POAS, (4 of them to be exact as i couldn't believe my eyes when a BFP popped up on the first three at night!)

So, in short- don't read too much into symptoms, it could be the lack of them that gives you the clue you need. Also don't give up hope, and don't let other things in your life take a backseat if it doesn't go your way straight away. in this past year, i have started an amazing job, had a lovely holiday with my DH, and made sure we spend as much quality time together as pçossible and got a kitten named Pippin (who is a year old on April 1st) I cant wait to welcome our newset addition into our family!!

The pic i have attached is from my 4th BFP, this was the one i did with FMU, and I was shaking so much i pretty much missed the stick!

Blowing lots of lucky, sticky rainbow baby dust your way TTWers! xxx


Oh congrats hun!! Your bfp is very much deserved!! Enjoy your cute little kitten. They turn into lazier cats so quickly! Lol

Congratulations!! We have been ttc for 2years for number 2 and finally got our bfp a week ago. totally agree with you I had no symptoms and usually have dozens. Congrats again!! :) x

Congrats! This gives me hope.

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