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BFP after 4 MC

For almost three years now, I have been stalking this site. Over and over again, I have gotten ready to create an account and tell all of you my wonderful news. Four times. And well, I have four angel babies. But...there is always a rainbow after the worst storms! I got my BFP so early this time (not normal for me, lol) at barely 10dpo. I'll try to give you ladies a breakdown of events, lol, but bear with me a bit. After so many losses I had kind of given up hope, so other than knowing approximately when I was supposed to ovulate and when my period was due, I didn't really keep track of dates. I kind of had to scramble a bit after I got that BFP!

So, ovulation occurred around the 27th of November, I say around because I had two separate times, three days apart, with ovulation pain. (On opposite sides too!) One was on the 24th, the other on the 27th. This month was kind of busy around my house with Thanksgiving and a big family, so we only BD'd three times...somehow they all happened to be during the week of ovulation! Again, we weren't actually trying anymore, so I was pretty relaxed about it.

Within a few days of the second ovulation (if that's what it was) I was sick. As in, dizzy, nauseous, peeing every five seconds, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and oh my did I have a dilly of a UTI! And it didn't let up. At all. By the time I took a pee test, I had been sick for a week and a half. In fact, one of the reasons I POAS was that I almost blacked out while driving down our driveway. I actually had to stop and put the truck in park and sit for almost ten minutes. Still don't know why either. :( Anyway, at about 8 DPO, I spotted pink with my FMU. It didn't happen again that day, but I thought for sure AF was early. I put on a pad and just waited, lol. It happened again the next morning. One smear of pink with my first pee of the day. BUT, no AF showed. The next day...nothing. The morning after that, almost 48 hours later, again, a smear of pink with my first pee. That was the same morning I took a pee test. My period NEVER starts like that! And it was a Big Fat Positive before I was even done peeing!

I kind of didn't believe it, so I POAS again the next day. BFP again. Instantly.

Since then, I had it confirmed at the ER. I went in for the UTI because I was in constant pain when I peed. Oddly enough, they confirmed the PG, but said I didn't have a UTI! (And I still have random intense pain when I pee...go figure)

Today I am 5w4d...not very far along, but boy howdy do I feel further along than that. All of the morning sickness, food aversions and everything else have continued and not even come close to letting up!

I also have had my first Dr. visit...apparently they think I'm either a month further along than I thought (which means all of my dates are completely wrong and I haven't got a clue when I conceived) or it might be twins! They do run in the family so I guess its possible.

But for all of you who have angel's possible!

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Congratulations and a happy and healthy 9months!

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