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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after 4 months TTC :)

Finally I can share my BFP, this site has helped me so much and I hope I can help you with my story and symptoms.
I'm 35 years old and DH is 36, we have been TTC for the past 4 months, the first 2 months we used OPK and preseed and nothing happened, then last month I started taking my BBT and apparently I didn't ovulate and OPKs were negative. So this month it finally happened :) here are my symptoms so far:

OPK + 11/22 - CD 17 (this was O day according to my FF chart), we BD on CD 14,15,17,18

1 DPO - Sharp pain on left side (I thought that it could be ovulation pain but still is not common for me).
2 DPO - Very hungry
3 DPO - I had trouble sleeping, hungry but got full really fast, slight cramps.
4 DPO - White creamy CM, slight cramps.
5 DPO - White creamy CM, little tired.
6 DPO - Vivid dream, really hungry in am, dry flaky skin, my face was so dry that started peeling, that never happens to me.
7 DPO - Slight cramps, moody, thirsty, white creamy CM.
8 DPO - Slight cramps, white creamy CM, thirsty, backache.
9 DPO - Slight cramps, backache, white creamy CM, little sore breasts, twinges in lower abdomen.
10 DPO - Slight cramps, yellow creamy CM
11 DPO - I took a FRER and it was BFN...I got really emotional and cried a lot.
12-13 DPO - I kept having slight cramps so I thought AF was coming.
14 DPO - Heightened sense of smell, at this point I started thinking that was all in my head.
15 DPO - AF was 2 days late so I was waiting for that and then I got a cold sore, the last time I got one was almost 10 years ago so I googled it and it seems that some women got one while pregnant so I took another FRER just in case and it was BFP!! I couldn't believe it, I really thought I was out this month. Then I bought a CB digital and read pregnant! :)

We used the OPK's and preseed like before and the only thing I did different this month was starting eating healthy, no sugar or processed foods.

So ladies don't lose hope, keep on trying because it will happen. I feel very blessed and I'm praying for a sticky healthy bean. ***Lots of baby dust***


Seems like healthy food increases chances, low stress. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing.

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