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BFP after 4 years TTC, fibroid & immune issues, with IVF/FET

Finally after 4 long, hard years of TTC we are pregnant following our 7th transfer attempt! Fingers crossed it sticks!! Various female issues were considered and addressed over the years, including an endometrial polyp (2012) and a persistent submucosal fibroid (resected 2013 & 2014) but ultimately we were put in the unexplained category. I've never, ever conceived naturally. Last year after revisiting the problem we discovered I had elevated NK cells in my blood and these were also elevated on two separate uterine biopsies, so we decided to try treatment for immunological dysfunction using prednisone and clexane, plus intralipid on the most recent (and so far successful) attempt. Here's a quick summary of our IVF history:
IVF#1 - single day 5 transfer, BFN
FET 1 - single day 5 transfer, BFN
FET 2 - single day 5 transfer, BFN
IVF#2 - single day 5 transfer, BFN
FET 3 - single day 5 transfer, BFN - NB: tried prednisone + clexane
FET 4 - single day 5 transfer, early BFP (biochemical) - NB: I was weaning OFF prednisone this cycle and did not use clexane
IVF#3 - planned freeze all cycle, no transfer done
FET 5 - double transfer of two day 3 embryos - very, very faint BFP at 7dp3dt!!! Now getting stronger at 9dp3dt! OMG!!

This time with the FET cycle we used prednisone (25mg) and clexane (40mg) again, plus also an intralipid infusion just before my cycle started. The data seemed to suggest we might be onto something with the immune hypothesis and perhaps treating me this way is what has worked. My HPT lines have been getting darker over the past three days and we are really hopefully that THIS IS IT!!!!

I've not had any symptoms of note, at least nothing different to my usual luteal phase twinges, etc. And if anything, I've had less breast tenderness than usual for this last week of the cycle.

The heartache of this journey is almost unbearable at times. I am sending my strongest and most powerful best wishes to all of you wonderful ladies out there who are still trying. Don't give up. xoxoxox

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I have one tube and one fibroid. My period is irregular. I was so desperate to try to conceive. And then this guide from teach me how to get pregnant with only one tube and fibroid. This is great!

Yay!!!! Congrats!  You poor thing -- after 7 transfers!  But this bean is looking mighty sticky.  Your 12 dpo pee-stick looks exactly like mine as does your previous 2 peesticks!  My betas were quite high for a singleton but since you transferred 2, maybe you have twins!  Congrats again and have a HH9!

I wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your story it gave me so much hope during my 2ww which ended this morning with a BFP! Your story is so similar to ours, we've been trying for 6 years, 3 iuis, 2 ICSI, 2 FET with only a chemical pregnancy. We did everything this cycle: intralipids, clexane, prednisolone...and it worked. Feels very unreal and praying this sticks. Sending lots of love and best wishes to all. Oh and big congrats x

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