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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP After 5 Days of Spotting

Happy to share my symptoms after finding solace in so many of yours!

We've been trying for #3 since my period returned on my DD#2's first birthday. My periods started out very regular for the first two months and then started jumping all over the place. 28 days to 37 days to 31 days and everything in between.

After 8 months of nonsense, and as a 38.5 year woman, I booked an appt with my OB/GYN to begin discussing my options and likelihood of conceiving again.

Then on Day 23 I began cramping and on Day 24 my period started. For all my craziness, it has never been earlier than 28 days.

It began light and brownish, turned slightly pinker the second day, then bright red the third and 4th day, then brown and sticky again the 5th day - never filling a tampon or needing a pad but very consistent.

My mind began racing with thoughts of implantation bleeding (which I had with #2), but this seemed more period-like.

I then ran across postings on anovulation and felt that seemed much more likely at my age.

For grins and giggles, I decided to test on a Clearblue Easy Digital on the day my period was due and almost hit the ground when it blinked "Pregnant!"

I then tested with a Dollar Tree test and nothing and quickly began psyching myself out with numerous postings about false positives on Clearblue Digital.

I waited until morning and tested with the second digital, another Dollar Tree, and two other leftover tests from other months (generic drug store brands - one with a blue plus and one with a pink line). All positive!

Honestly, if I hadn't been keeping fairly good track and if I wasn't confused by my early "period," it wouldn't have caught my radar. I really have no other symptoms yet other than extreme fatigue (though norm for this working mom of 2). Knowing I am pregnant, I'm noticing I am peeing more and my boobs might be a little bit tender, but really nothing that would really register as odd right now if I didn't know I was pregnant. Plus I continued spotting for another 3 days after my positive tests.

Now my "fertility options" consultation with my OB has turned into a pregnancy visit :-)

We feel very blessed and excited that our nearing 40 bodies decided to cooperate one last time for us.

Babydust to all TTC!


Congrats!!!!!! :D

My husband and I have been trying for a little over a year and a half with no luck. I had some weird bleedig earlier this month when AF was supposed to arrive but this started 3 days prior, just light pinkish (sorry tmi) could only notice it in the tissue, no need for a pad or liner. I was supposed to get AF on the 10th, on the 12th the bleeding got a bit heavier, nothing like AF, i get it heavy from day one and it lasts 4-5 days.... This bleeding only lasted 2 days, looked like fresh blood but it wasnt thick, it was bright and never filled the pads. This suddenly stopped after 2 days, the next day it was more of a brown spotting but very very minimal on the pad, then nothing at all...

After that I have been feeling awful! Fatigued, i feel so tired like I ran a marathon twice a day and i sit in an office actually, light headed, dizzy spells, MOOD SWINGS, lower back and abdomen pain, comes and goes, sharper at night. My breasts feel so heavy, right one more sore than left one, nips are sore but were even more sore a few days ago, i have some prominent veins showing from under my collar bone down both bbs, sides of my stomach and both sides of pelvis area, on my thighs near pelvis.

 I havent been able to sleep well for about a week and a half even though im exhausted and keek on waking up in the middle of the night. Ive been urinating more often and its not that i have been drinking lots of liquids lately, just the normal. Crazy dreams! So vivid! 2 nights ago i had a dream about getting two BFP on two different hpts, a few days before that i dreamed about giving birth to a baby boy..

AF is supposed to show on the first week of August and its Jul 25th, this wait is killing me! I have taken several hpts and all came back with a BFN, except for a generic one which i think the faint positive line was more of an evap line :(... Could I be this time???

Hope everything is going great with your pregnancy! God bless! :) 

I'm sad to say that my story came to an early end when I began cramping, bleeding and clotting at 8 weeks. I have actually had a number of episodes of bleeding throughout but was just able to see the heartbeat about 2 weeks ago, so it is especially sad.

I've thankfully never miscarried before so this is all new to me, but I can say that this pregnancy was "off" from the beginning. 10 days of initial spotting. Then a week of bright red watery bleeding and an emergency u/s showing only a sac and my dates at least a week off, then one good week with a visible heartbeat, then light spotting for a week that turned into period-like cramps, more watery red bleeding, and then small clots. By about Noon the next day I began gushing with large clots (and second emergency u/s showed the sac was already gone).

I'm certainly still in shock and haven't fully processed it yet, however I am trying to remind myself that it is my body's way of trying to fix something that must not have been meant to be and reveling in my many blessings that include two wonderfully healthy daughters and an amazing husband.

Me and my Fiance' have been trying for the past year, seeing I have two out of a previous relationship of four years that ended more then 6 years ago we decided to make our family complete, but more then a year ago I came off the petogen injections three months later got a period and its been regular since then until two months ago, I was 24 day cycle last month came 2 days early but ended short, this month was extreme I was 5 days late started very dark brown almost black spotting with mixed clear mucus, day two got a lot more and still dark brown black day three it started going to a more redish colour normaly by now a pad would be soaked but it was enough to wear one had to change it three times normaly would use 6 to 7 in one day, then day 4 it went lighter until day 7 day 8 to day 10 was brownish spotting again with clear mucus mix, day 11 and 12 just clear mucus with slight cramping I am 29 and this is new to me never had anything like this ever but I have also felt off for the past three months feeling ill nauseated tired lazy and hungry doubt I'm pregnant just wanne know what I could be?

Sorry to say but sounds like you miscarried,i just had a MC and the bleeding was just like that, dark almost black/brownish mixed with a little red and very thick. Lasted 14 days.didn't even know i was over 2 months with mirena in place. It's been 3 months, my husband and i have been trying to conceive since

I am so nervous, we have 3 beautiful girls and I just found out Thursday that I am pregnant again. The unfortunate thing is I started lightly spotting on Saturday, it has picked up but it is still here. It's so light though that it's only there when I wipe. I have had 2 MC before our first daughter. The spotting is like streaks of very light red. Just don't know what to think or feel. Going to try to get into the Dr. next week.

Me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant for 4 months. I took a test the day my period was due since it didnt come but it was negative I took second test on second day late it but it was inconclusive so I took another rite after and it was negative. I started bleeding very lite on that same nite but woke up to nothing. Later that day I was bleeding for a few hours then it stopped same thing happend for next 2 days. Today I woke up to nothing and no bleeding or spotting all day until just now at 10pm I noticed lite spotting on tissue a pinkish red. This has been goin on for 5 days now and its very unusual for me my period is pretty regular and always lasts for 4days max. I dont kno what to do my hopes are up ofcourse... could I be pregnant or is there something wrong with me

Well this is my story well i had unpertected. Sex with my fiance on the 2 and two weeks after that i started spotting and cramping im like cool my period bout to come on well ummm no and that was the 14or maybe 16 wekk then it spotted again 18 with severe. Cramps but not much to fill a pad. Or tampon plus it was pinkish color then 19 brown then yesterday light light pink all only when i wipe so today it was all mucus brown like light when i wiped but i was vramping really bad still no full period just hella cramps firdt mild but for two days real bad so i was gonna get a test tomorrow. Which i feel will be neg. But doesnt hurt to see so before then can any body tell me what it sounds like

Not 16 week days sorry

Hi i am 24 years old and working on my second child. I had sexy with my husband during my ov days. Its now a week before my period and for two days now i have been having very very light brown spotting. I didnt have this with my first child so i dnt kno wut to think. i took a pg test and it came back neg. I think it may be to early to tell. I will be making me a doc appointment soon to see wuts going on. but im really scared.

Hi I'm 24, my hubby & I have been TTC, my last period was on 21 Nov 2013 its now Jan 2014 and the only thing I had was some dark brown discharge for two days. I have taken a blood test which was neg & so was the urine test I went for an ultrasound scan and the Doc said there was nothing there, Please help I feel as though I'm going crazy,

Hi I'm 24, my hubby & I have been TTC, my last period was on 21 Nov 2013 its now Jan 2014 and the only thing I had was some dark brown discharge for two days. I have taken a blood test which was neg & so was the urine test I went for an ultrasound scan and the Doc said there was nothing there, Please help I feel as though I'm going crazy,

Please help me. !!!

Im 25 and have been having unprotected sex with partner for 5 years . my last period was on 13/12/2013 . today being 21/01/2014 it still hasn't come. i have been.cramping for about.4 days now with head aches . i don't suffer from head aches. .i went to the toilet today and wiped . now there is brown/pink discharge. i don't want to take a.HPT because im over the heart break and seeing a BFN . Please can someone tell me what going on.???? im racking my brain googling and seeing them same post but no answers.

I had brown spotting then it turned to pinkish red spotting then back to brown spotting again.

Last time I bled was 12th jan 2014, on the 5th of feb I got clear discharge with a little red blood streak 6th clear with little red speck of blood, 7th clear with pink discharge when I wiped went away and came back and went away again so I thought it was all clear ,8th woke up had sex and when I wiped it was heavy pink discharge with darker almost red streaks everywhere went home to put a pad on cause I thought I was going to start bleeding but 2 and a half hours after I wiped it just totally vanished!, 9th clear with brown streak kept going back to clear then to light brown again, 10th clear then brown streak in the clear discharge and back to clear, 11th(today) woke up went to batheroom to see what was happening with vajayjay today so wiped and it was very watery brown discharge and then through the day its just died down its went to very light brown and somtimes very light brown with a tint of light pink , soooo? Anyone think what's going on? Iv had implantation bleeding before but it wasn't the usually 3-5 days light spotting I got pink and brown spotting at the start for 2days and then for 9 days I bled heavy bright red watery blood and had cramps, after that 6 weeks later had a misscarrage so I dunno what its like to experience normal implantation can anyone say if they think what's going on is implantation or anything else they might know? Also none of the discharge is enough for a pad or tamp.

Help please, on 22nd dec I had a 5 day norm period my cycles are 31 days then 6th jan 2014 had another 5 day norm period, 3 ish weeks later im exhausted, boobd are heavu, veins are showing, hot flushes im only 22 also so not menopause lol, I had head aches, weird dreams, carnt sleep at night, I also had discharge for 2 days like water thag dripped down my legs, sorry tmi and bloated with queasyness plus more, then 8 days before af due I spotted for 2 days pinkish orange like discharge just whe I wiped?? No pads I even had sex and no show, then 4 days after that dark red mixed fresh blood, also I never get symptoms or period pains but yjis month I have being in ahony with cramps and backache and also had ovary pain with twinges evt might be me being paranoid? Please any boards I go on I never ger an anser xx thanks I am ttc but just think if it happens no prressure

Okay so the first two days of my period I spotted then the next three days I had a light period then when I came off I spotted and the it turned brown what does this mean I'm only 21 I need a answer like right now before I freak!!

Had iui 11days ago,noticed an unusual brownish blood stained discharge PV. (sti) stopped a few hours then recurred. So light not heavy as period. Pls help, what could this be? Thanks

Im trying to get pregnant im two weeks late then 3days ago at night i wiped it was like Brown then in the morning next day i has blood but watery Little clots but hardly nothing on my pad it Last 2days then it when away it came back again but hardly nothing in confused can I be pregnant o r what

My period came on april 22 2014.had sex on day 10, 14
Started spoting on day 15 for 5days but only when I wipe that I see dark brown blood sometimes pink.could I be pregnant.

Forgot to mention mild head aches.comes and goes.

I'm a 18 year old who has been on NURISTERATE injection for only 4 months which means I had it only twice then came off it because me and my hubby would like to concieve when I was on the injection my periods went from heavy to light it normally lasted 7 days but on nuristerat it went to 5 days its been 5 months with no luck my first two months off it I had regular cycles that lasted 7 days I was so happy thinking I'm back on track then the 2 months after that I bled and didn't stop like I bleed 12 days stop a week then bleed for 9 days stop a week then I start my normal period when its suppose to expected again then I bled 9 days a week later 12 days , this month I was about 3/4 days late I just had two days of brownish slimy discharge before my period was expected then I was dry no A.F showed up then on day 5 I had sex And I bled extremely heavy then it stopped for a day then I bled again the next day enough for a pantyliner the blood was first whitish with a scant of pink all over and then it went to brown and now its dark red on my pad but when I wipe its orangish redish and when it drops after I'm done peeing its like red that you'll get when you cut your finger but abit darker been having this bleeding for about 2 days now I'm worried could I have conceived and misscarriaged before even knowing I'm pregnant or what? :( I'm desperate please help me , been having bad headaches , cravings urinate a lot yes always tired and my moods change like the weather had slight cramping breast takes turns to hurt but they don't hurt bad I have a extreme sharp cramp everytime after I eat then goes away ....

I've been experiencing pregnancy signs like headaches, nausea, bloating, fatigue, dizziness, and sore nipples. Well the day before my period was due I start spotting was really light only when I wiped. Well that last two days then I had one day of really light bleeding, maybe a half a pad worth of bleeding, then it went back to spotting for two days of only when I wipe. Confused as to if this could be implantation bleeding or not. Hubby and I have been trying to conceive a second child. I never did the implantation bleeding with my first child. What do you think could I be pregnant?

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