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BFP after 6 months TTC!!

Hello All!

I am Kelly I'm 28 my fiancé is 28, and here is my BFP journey!

We decided to start trying in Jan of this year. We were new to the scene and wasn't quite sure WHEN to do it, I downloaded a few apps and learned all the TTC lingo pretty quickly!

I found out we were pregnant Feb, Friday the 13th, and immediately started bleeding...March 1st I went to ER, as my OBGYN refused to see me until 8 weeks, I was told nothing to be seen on scans, HCG "too low" given a prescription for Percocet and sent home terribly sad.

My cycle didn't correct until April, and we started charting and checking CM and really making a go of it. The TWW is really excruciating, and getting BFNS month after month is so discouraging, the only thing that kept me hopeful was this site and all the BFP stories!

This month my fiancé said NO APPS, NO CHARTS, NO TEMPS, NO TESTS (until I miss my period)

We had sex every other day starting the day after my period ended.

Because we didn't chart I didn't know when I ovulated, but I my breasts were sore and I've been super tired, not sleepy, just tired. My period is on time like clockwork, and set to start 07/05 I cheated and took a clear blue test on 07/04 around noon, very faint and almost evappy looking line came up. (Knowing the reviews about blue dye tests) I immediately went and got FRER and got the same faint line..

I waited for today, & had no period. AF didn't show! ( I'm like clock work) tested again, line is darker!

I am very excited and hoping for a super sticky baby! This is my 2nd pregnancy but the first time I've EVER missed a period!

Thank you all for being my light at the end of the tunnel, this site has kept me very hopeful and excited.

Wish me luck!

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congratz on your bfp H&H 9 months

That's so great congrats! Me and my husband have been TTC since Feb this year and this month I didn't track, use app or anything. I know I should be starting 7/11 cause my periods are clockwork as well and the only thing I've noticed this month is I've been tired and my boobs have been so so sore for the last week feeling heavy. I'm tryin to hold out till the 11th. Fx for this month 

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