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BFP After 8 months!!

I've always longed to post my symptoms on here, but I never thought it would happen. I'm 21 and my husband is 25. We started NTNP in November and in January we started hardcore TTC. I had been charting and knew my BBT was low (96.3-96.9 in follicular phase & 97.0-97.7 in luteal phase). Finally I decided to go to the obgyn/fertility doctor because I had quite a few hypothyroid symptoms. I had my blood test on June 27. On June 28 I found out I had a borderline underactive thyroid, TSH was 4.87 and apparently that can still make it super hard to conceive. Everyone including my doctor said it would be a few months at least, until my TSH got down to around 1-2. He was glad that I came in. My prolactin was also a bit elevated, which can cause infertility. June 29 I started synthroid. I was so relaxed this month because I knew we were figuring things out...and July 2 for fun (I had no reason to test) I took a test and there were 2 lines that I've been praying for so long. I broke down into tears and bawled my eyes out, praying to God that this was really it and my sticky baby.

I didn't chart this month, I took temperatures at random days and know I ovulated around cd22-cd23 which was June 22/June 23. The second test I took, 2 hours later, was an FRER and I held my pee for 2 hours while drinking 20 oz of water and still - 2 dark, dark lines popped up.

Things I did differently this month: I took soy isoflavones cd3-7. Apparently they have an 85% bfp rate. After I took them I knew I had a thyroid issue so I figured it wouldn't work for me. I also used Pre-Seed (3rd month using it but this time I used the 3ml it recommends). I also babydanced every other day and RELAXED, only because I knew things were being done to help. I had no expectations of a BFP this month, and every other month, I did. But I will 100% say this is a miracle, God gave me this child. I have not been very patient, but this month I was and God granted me this little baby.

The only symptom I had before my bfp was around 7dpo, when I was laying in bed that night and felt really light period-like cramps for about a minute or so. Then it felt a bit sore until I fell asleep, when I would roll over. Honestly, nothing else!!! Good luck to everyone. It *will* happen!!!


Hi - can you explain what Soy Isoflavones are? Can you buy them over the counter? Are they safe? Is it like Clomid or Femara? Where did you get the 85% bfp statistic rate??? I'm so curious about this!!

You should google them!!! You can get them at wal-mart (40mg tablets) in the vitamins/womens health section. Most people take 80mg from cd3-7. I did:

cd3: 80mg, cd4: 80mg cd5: 120mg cd6: 120mg cd7: 160mg

They're kind of like clomid, but natural. You're supposed to take 2x what you would take for a clomid dosage. Most people start out at 50mg on clomid so 80mg is fine to start with. There's also a SLIGHTLY higher chance of twins with soy because it not only makes you release a stronger egg, it can release multiple eggs. I wish you so much luck!!!

I tried to add a few links but it wouldn't let me. Google "soy isoflavones ttc" and read some of the forums! Very useful information!

I'm not sure where I got the 85% bfp rate but I know I've read it multiple times!! It worked with me and I wasn't expecting it to!! ;)


thank you so much, Tarynne!! i am going to try that. i will try anything at this point! good luck with your pregnancy! i hope it is healthy and happy. i hope to be in your shoes someday! :)

Thanks so much & good luck to you!!!

Hi ..mine is same as ur cycle pattern..ovulated around 23-24june..tested on 5july(cd 32) said to wait one more week..will test tomorrow..i m feeling crampy smtime,nauseouse,and having lots of white cm..any hope???



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