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I am 30 and DH is 28. We have been TTC since May 2013. I last got AF July 18 (with a 26-29 day cycle) and decided I needed to try new things. I used OPK strips and got a positive result on cycle day 12 (July 29). We BD that cycle on July 26, 29 and 30 and then again on August 2.

On CD 21 (9 dpo) I was tired and yawning earlier than normal and had a headache that lasted for a few days. I started testing on CD 23 (11 dpo) and all were BFN. On CD 27 AF came (August 13). It was medium but pretty normal seeming. However, there were no cramps. AF lasted until August 19. For about 4 days it was pretty light and at the end it was like mucus slimy AF.

On what I thought was CD 8 of a new cycle (August 20) but I suppose is really CD 34 of last cycle...I did my new Clearblue OPK and it was a smily (solid) right away. I also took a OPK strip and it was a for sure positive result. I thought wow, how can I have ovulation this early??? I was feeling weird about it so I decided to take a pg test last night, or 10 tests lol. They all showed a positive result - all different brands and types.

I didn't have much in the way of symptoms except those headaches and being tired and having nausea waves... but I was attributing all of any symptoms to AF... so I wasn't paying much attention. This is SO odd for me. Nothing like this happened with my first two. I surely missed my AF with the first two.

I finally have my BFP!!! This will be #3 and we couldn't be happier.

I'm super nervous that I was bleeding last week (but right on time like AF). My doctor appointment is at the end of September (ah!) but the nurse was going to talk to the doctor to see if they wanted blood work done to check levels because of the bleeding that occurred - she also said it's normal to have an AF while pg... so who knows... but I'm so nervous.

Let's hope it's a sticky bean that we get to meet in April! Baby dust to all of you!

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Congrats!!! Please keep us posted about symptoms, blood work, anything. Your story gives me hope. I O'd early this month CD 9 (normally 13-14). I was shocked but happy because we were able to BD before I left for 3 days. My cycles was suppose to start on 8.21.13 but instead it came on 8.19.13 I was surprised because its usually a 24-26 cycle but not earlier. I was hoping it was late implantation but it a light-medium flow and its day 3 so figured IM OUT. now that I'm reading your post...THERE'S HOPE.

Oh wow congratulations . Sounds like me. I didn't have any af cramps and started bleeding 3 days after I was suppose to start. And didn't even test. Last two days I've been having dreams about me testing positive on a test!! I think I might take a test.

I just got what I thought was AF but it only lasted one day. I normally spot before/after. But I've tested and got bfn...all my symptoms have disappeared too. I'm thinking I'm out but maybe?!?!????? :)

The doctor called me back and said they feel there is no need for a blood test because i'm not bleeding right now.  The nurse laughed at me for taking so many tests lol.

I said well, after I thought I had AF for SEVEN days and then was on a new cycle... I was completely shocked!

So looks like I won't be going in at all until end of September.. i can't stand that!  I like to hear from a medical professional that everything is okay! guh!

Yeah I totally don't know... I always heard it's not over until AF comes... well she did... i thought... and then I purchased a bunch of fertility supplements and preseed...Clearblue OPK... etc... turns out I was pg the whole time.

So i guess we can't even count on it being over when AF comes which really throws me off!   I do know that I tested the day AF came and got a BFN.. so that was cycle day 27.  I never tested after that because i knew i was out... so i have no idea when the BFP would have come if i had kept testing.

Tricky tricky tricky... and soo complicated!

Hi!! Congratulations!! I read your post just as I am going through a crazy cycle. We started trying last cycle and now since 2 days ago, I had a dark spotting and yesterday morning was slightly more, nothing all day and this am again. Weird because this is when af starts but no cramps and I get them bad. I am giving up as af starting but this gives me hope!! Very different af versus prior ones with spotting and all. But I know when it's meant to happen, it will happen.
Many congratulations to you and best wishes to all the ladies out there going through this roller coaster ;)

Kelly Jean. I know what you mean about wanting to see doctor! Just keep testing as long as it's dark and your not in pain. I think everything should be fine! Pray for a sticky bean!

I first want to say CONGRATULATIONS! I second want to say thank you for sharing this. I logged on today for some form of hope that what I am currently going through in my mind body and soul someone else can relate in some way. DH & I BD on 7/31 as early as 3 days later I began a series of strange symptoms which at first I ignored but then decided to keep a log of on my phone. I tested 3 times prior to the date my AF was due, all 3 came forth negative, meanwhile the headaches small twinging cramps and backaches were hitting me hard. At first I thought maybe it had something to due with the change in my script for cabergoline but that was in April. So with hope I just continued to log it and read stories here online to see if anyone had ever gone through the same. On 8/19 AF came...first brown slimy then like pink....I was certain I would be getting a BFP soon with all these symptoms. on 8/20/13 it was horrible heavy bleeding cramping and I was certain something was wrong I had to pretty much stay in bed all day the cramps were so bad. I went to the Dr yesterday and still a BFN but they didn't give me any blood pg tests only hormone bloodwork to check my levels...yesterday AF went away for a few hours and spotted light pink. Today it is back and light. I stil have headaches, lower back pain and I am just confused but just in case I will test on the day AF was officially due which is 8/26/ only for peace of mind....but with your story above I still have some hope.

I had the EXACT same thing happen last September. I tested on the day I normally get AF and it was negative and started bleeding (and it lasted like a normal period) that night so stopped testing. Then the OPKs had the smiley right when I started testing so I took a pregnancy test and BAM! Unfortunately about a week after I found out, I started bleeding again and lost the baby (possible ectopic pregnancy). I have always wondered what that early bleeding was, maybe a twin? I hope it all works out, keep me updated! I did my first round of IUI this month, hopefully this will work!

your store just answered it, I would be 13 dpo today had all the prego symptoms but bfn I started what I think was af a day early, medium like not my norm, I was messing around and poas just like 45 minutes ago and bam there is a second line...oh my goah i am scared, I am normally 33 day cycles, I had implantation dip 11 dpo so I am not sure what is going on......fx for both of us for healthy babies...

This gives me hope!
We've been ttc for a year and last month weren't actually trying.. 9 days after O would have been, I had light pink blood (very very light) when I wiped. But this only happened once. I thought AF was coming. But I never EVER get spotting before AF comes. This was on the Monday, AF was due the Saturday. Then on the Wednesday I had a spot of brown in the morning.. Then later that morning, dark brown blood. This lasted 2 days and was like a normal medium flow period. But after the 2 days basically stopped. Had a teeny bit of spotting the next couple of days but nothing like a normal period.
Started having weird sensations down there same day as the light pink blood. Thought maybe its a uti - doesn't hurt while weeing but feeling pressure at the end of the wee. I never get uti's. then for the past week I've been extremely tired - sleeping a LOT and feeling sick in the tummy.
I'm too scared to test in case I get a BFN - this all isn't normal for my body but so tired of getting negatives!

What do you guys think?

It was the Thursday I got the brown blood, not Wednesday. I also had bad backache with it that I don't usually get.
Normally my boobs are really sore from O to AF. They were tender but nt sore up to the light pink watery wiping.. But then not sore at all since then.

No one ever told me this baby business would be so emotionally challenging!

Hi, congratulations! and thank you for sharing your story, I came to it while searching for BFP after AF. LAst cycle my period was 2 days overdue and I didnt have much symptoms, so I took a test and it was negative. The next day AF came, lasting only two days, but it was the real thing. (I always read that if it's lighter and not red, it can be implantation bleeding, but if it's not and it's accompanied by AF cramps, you are out). Well, it was the shortest period I had, and two days later I spotted. And, while I don't have many symptoms, as of today (CD5), my temperatures did not really fall since last ovulation (maybe 0.2 degrees and gradually, no sharp fall). I am wondering if I may be pregnant or if it's just wishful thinking, not being able to accept that it wasn't the month...

i know this post is really. . . really old but i feel i should add that i bled heavy for a good 4 days with monster cramps that felt stabby and moved into my back. my uterus felt twitchy and tender and full. i had a few little blood clots, (and one that was like a little half a dime sized bubble ffull of blood). two weeks later i go in to get checked for cysts and im 6 weeks pregnant! baby is fine, progesterone levels were a bit low but hcg count was good. i wentback a few days later for a follow up and progesterone levels are normal hcg trippled.

Hi ladies, I see this thread is old, I am 38 years young and I have been TTC since June. My whole cycles for the year so far have been pretty normal. 3/15, 4/24, 5/24, 6/23 -6/25 and then an early cycle on 7/13-7/17. On 7/22 I bought an OPK and started testing immediately, it was positive for 4 days, and my hubby and I baby danced A-LOT SO the average period calculator says ave. AF is 25 days for the cycle which means I should have come on on 8/7/2014. I did not start AF. So if I actually ovulated on 7/28 we BD'd from the 7/18/2014- 8/8/2014. Yesterday I had some cramps after BD, my boobs have been extremely sore, and now I am moody (PISSED OFF AT EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE) for 2 days as well, tired, and my nose has been very stuffy, and I have cried.. All sounds like PMS to me Oh there was also some mild cramping on the 2nd of August. I just don't know and I kinda of feel like I am going crazy. I read somewhere you can use a OPT to check for pregnancy and it actually came out positive today, then a few hours later I have started to spot. Its light pinkish and barely there, then it got a little darker like a light orange, now I have some cramping too, should I retest next week, wait to see what happens in September or just not try and enjoy baby dancing. There is no AF in the toilet its only on the toilet paper... I AM CONFUSED <--- I'm also very scientific :)

Based on all the information that is online and ovulation prediction via the web, either this is implantation bleeding or the start of a period... early.. I also read that you can have IB 2 days before your period is supposed to start. Today is supposed to be exactly 12 days since I possibly ovulated..

Ttc ovulated on 14 sep dtd started feeling sickly on day 10dpo crampy ache in tummy tested on day 12dpo neg af came but light not normal af day 13 dpo feeling light headed still af God knows wats going on feel reallly strange

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