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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP After Back to back IUI's - FIRST TIME SUCCESS!

A little background about me, I am 26 and in a same sex relationship. I have no known fertility issues and all preliminary testing came back normal.

I was put on Letrozole/Femara CD5-9, then did OPK's at home until I got a positive. After the positive I went in two days in a row for back to back IUI's with donor sperm.

This is how I was feeling each day after:

1dpiui - very bloated, cramping
2dpiui - twinges in abdomen throughout the day
3dpiui - still bloated, gassy
4dpiui - strong cramps on right side of abdomen, cold symptoms
5dpiui - tired, otherwise normal
6dpiui - normal
7dpiui - woke up with a nose bleed (never get them normally)
8dpiui - blood/metallic taste in mouth, pains above right hip
9dpiui - cramping above right hip
10dpiui - FRER with FMU - BFP!

I have since had two blood draws completed. Hcg at 14dpiui was only 61, 4 days later it should have doubled twice (should have been 244 or higher) and it was 390! I am still so in shock that we had success the first try! My first ultrasound is booked for May 2nd :)

Think positive ladies, you really can be successful with iui even with the odds against you! Baby dust to all!


Congrats on the BFP! Hope your ultrasound went well. Your symptoms sound exactly like my wife's right now, which is giving us hope! Were currently 5dpiui. We did back to back IUI's as well with donor sperm! We are anxiously waiting until next weekend to test!

Your symptoms sound very much like what my wife is experiencing currently. We are 10dpiui (17.5 million washed donor sperm) with clomid and trigger shot. My wife got a BFP yesterday but the line was faint so we arent getting TOO ahead of ourselves, but reading the similarities in the symptoms gives me hope. :) Best of luck with your ultrasounds to come!!! 

Hope you both ended up with BFP's! :) things are progressing great for me, I am almost 8 weeks now and due on Boxing Day - Dec. 26th! We are so thrilled. Best of luck ladies! Let me know how you made out!

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