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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after BFN IS possible!

I wanted to share my story because I was so disappinted when I got my BFN, and reading other people's success stories got me throught my TWW!

After TTC for two months, my DH and I decided to try to the SMEP, using pre-seed and mucinex. I was really hopeful the plan would work.

After seeing all of the early BFP success stories, I couldn't help testing early. I tested on 11DPO, 12 DPO and 14 DPO and got all BFN's! I was really, really disappointment and convinced that AF was on her way. I still had a deep down feeling that I was pregnant, but had talked myself into preparing for AF.

AF was due on 16DPO. I had a lot of symptoms that could be related to pregnancy, but could also be AF. The day AF was due, I was really queasy all day. After lunch I felt super sick and finally had to run to the bathroom at work and throw up. I went home, had a small fever (100.4) and stayed in bed for the rest of the night. I also had a lot of diahrea, so I figured I had the stomach bug. However since AF is like clockwork, I decided I was going to test the next morning.

At 17DPO I woke up and immediately tested. I wasn't really expecting a BFP, so I went downstairs to make coffee, and when I came upstairs I was surprised and excited to see i got my BFP!!! I ran out to the store at lunchtime to get the clearblue easy advnaced digital test to just make sure that it was real, and I got another BFP, saying i was 1-2 weeks pregnant.

Good luck to all of you TTC and I hope you get your BFP's soon! :)


Congrats! Your story gives me a bit of hope! Today is 10 dpo a day before AF is suppose to arrive. I have a 24 day cycle and haven't being having my normal pms symptoms, have been cramping since 8 dpo, and have had a weird sore throat and stuffy nose that comes and goes since 4 dpo. I'm trying so hard not to get down about the BFN but its tough since I got my last BFP on 9dpo. Grrr.. anywho my dear have a very happy and healthy 9 months!! Many prayers and positive vibes your way! xoxo

Thank You! Baby dust to you!

Congrats. You give us hope. I tested out my trigger and am at 11dpiui now.. All BFN every since trigger went away. God please help us!

Hi sorry to just jump in ..but im 18Dpo no af but cramping

What tests were you getting BFN with before your BFP??

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