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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after DTD 2+ Days before Ovulation

What I did this month: • DTD CD12, CD14, & CD15, Ovulating on CD17. This month I had hardly any Ovulation pains as per previous months which was odd. But finally started getting them on CD15. Usually get Ovulation pains DAYS beforehand and used Preseed with each “session” • Cut back on caffeine to 1 Cup a day • Journal more often- to keep a clear head especially those TTC thoughts & obsessing over every little thing • Pray daily & nightly to keep my relationship with God strong in the midst of all of this • Daily devotionals- again to keep my relationship with God strong • Avoid Stress • Staying hydrated • Rest as often as possible • Visualization of the sperm meeting egg from 1DPO to about 7DPO Keeping Uterus Warm to aid in Implantation • Slept with socks on every single night • Ginger baths once a week until Ovulation during my set “Spa Days at home” Warm, quick showers after Ovulation even during Spa Day to keep uterus warm and inviting • Avoid ice in drinks and cold foods (ice cream, raw veggies, etc.) • Keep hair dry after shower (I chose to straighten my hair as to keep water off of it for 2-3 weeks to follow) Fertility & TWW • • • • • • Weds. CD16: High Fertility 5AM & Peak 10AM, Dry CM (possibly from DTD more often), Ovary pains, light AF Cramps, Sore BBs, Clear face-not typical for me 4/18 Thurs CD17 Ovulation Day: EWCM, O Pains on Left & Right sides, AF Cramps, Sensitive BBs, AF type lower back pain, no energy 4/19 Fri. CD18 1DPO: -OPK, Creamy CM turned EWCM, Throbbing in Uterus and Ovary area for just a moment, clear face, light lower back pain, No usual ovary pain I get each cycle for a couple days post O, Very Light AF Cramps, pinching in Cervix, ice cream craving 4/20 Sat. CD19 2DPO: Schoolglue CM, very light cramps, left pelvic pain, vaginal itchiness (no odor or discolored discharge), fatigue, light contraction feeling, ice cream craving 4/21 Sun. CD20 3DPO: Schoolglue CM, on and off AF cramps, left pelvic pain, lower backache that gets worse throughout the day, vivid nightmare among waking, woke up with strong urge to pee, pinching in uterus, light contraction feeling a few times, light pinching in left ovary which could be nothing, ice cream craving 4/22 Mon. CD21 4DPO: Creamy white CM, light pinching in right ovary, fatigue, on and off AF Cramps, light tingly feeling in uterus, nauseous after smelling fish (gagging),slightly sore BBs, tingly nipples and bbs off and on, slight headache in afternoon (possibly from cold), slight lower backache, Med Soft CP in PM, heightened sense of smell, saw a rainbow this morning reminding me of God’s Promise “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 4/23 Tues. CD22 5DPO: Schoolglue CM, Pinches in Ovaries, pangs in right hip and lower back in the same spot, off and on light AF cramps, nauseous with strong smelling perfume & cologne, Tingly Nipples, Sore Lower Back, Knee & leg pain, light headache, heightened sense of smell 4/24 Weds. CD23 6DPO: Schoolglue CM but dried up at the end of the day, On and Off AF Cramps, tingling BBs, EXTREME bloating, Restless legs, cramps on the lower left side of my back, groin pain 4/25 Thurs. CD24 7DPO: BFN, Light Schoolglue CM, Stronger AF Cramps in tummy & back  trying not to lose hope and remember God’s Promise maybe He knew that I would be tested into losing faith in my ability to conceive and that’s why He showed me that rainbow, sad, Extremely Constipated, cramps on the lower left side of my back, cramps disappeared in afternoon, groin pain, pounding heart (palpitations), sharp pain in both ovaries at the same time 4/26 Fri. CD25 8DPO: BFN, No CM, Off and On Crampy, VERY bloated, Off and On Sore lower back (still more towards Left Side) kind of burning sensation, HORRIBLE Constipation ‘“So more cramping and less bloating is more likely to be PMS while milder cramping with more bloating is likely to be early pregnancy related.’ Abdur-Rahman 4/27 Sat. CD26 9DPO: **gush of CM at 1AM making me think I started AFbut it was just CM*** BFN, Schoolglue CM, groin pain, on and off pre-AF cramps, lower left sided back pain along with lower left sided pelvic pain (ovary area), Headaches, Stuffy nose, tired, diarrhea, Soft closed and high CP 4/28 Sun CD27 10DPO: BFP on Clearblue Digital at 5AM & 9AM.

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