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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I have just got my bfp after a frozen embryo transfer. We have been ttc our first baby for almost 2 years and this is our 3rd round of ivf. My last fet was also a bfp but resulted in a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks. We are hoping, praying, begging that this one sticks around and we get to hold a baby in arms in December. I had a trigger shot on 19/3 which I tested out from transfer day. 0dp5dt (5dpo)- transfer day! mild cramping after the transfer 1dp5dt (6dpo)- had acupuncture and felt some sharp pains afterwards, possible implantation? 2dp5dt & 3dp5dt- no symptoms. I don't feel pregnant at all and feel like the cycle didn't work. 4dp5dt (9dpo)- bfn in the am. at least I know the trigger shot has gone... But the bfn makes me cry and feel crappy all day! Decide to test in the evening and I see a faint, but very clear line! We are still in the game! Hot flashes. 5dp5dt (10dpo) bfp! It's getting darker! Hot flashes. 6dp5dt (11dpo) bfp and there's no denying that line! Yippee 7dp5dt (12 dpo) the line is almost as dark as the control 8dp5dt (13dpo) still feeling really hot and dry retch in the morning! Already?! We are definitely pregnant and can't stop looking at those lovely dark lines :)


I have done FET on 5th Feb 2015. On the same day, I felt minor cramping 2-3 times and backache for few mins. On Sunday (8th Feb2015), i.e. 3dpt, I started cramping and heaviness lower Abdomen in the afternoon. It was like as if my AF is coming. It was till there I slept. Then on 4dpt, I didn't feel cramping but my Boobs and nipples were paining if touched. On 5dpt, cramps again started with Heavy Lower Abdomen, Boobs/nipples sensitive but no spotting as of now. On 6dpt, I was feeling severe cramps like periods are about to come. Today (7dpt), I am feeling little bit of cramps, not as much as yesterday but I am feeling like some minor discharge is coming from my vagina which is bringing out progesterone which I daily insert twice. I am really worried. I am feeling my AF is about to come and I am finished.. I have done 5IUIs and 1 Fresh IVF earlier but nothing worked for me. I am trying from last 4 years. So, now my patience is gone and I am very negative. Please provide your thoughts, pray for me and give me some baby dust. I really need it. Sometimes, I feel like I should kill myself. I think you ladies can understand the pain and frustration I am going through. Plzzzzzz provide some baby dust..

Hi dear I too had a fet on feb 4 th 2015. Initially after the trasfer I had back pain and pain on my left and right abdomen(probably due to progesterone pessaries). Then on day 6 (I had 5 day blast transferred) I felt AF like pain and just fed up.. from then on it comes and goes at times. I have sore boobs. But couldn't understand whether it is becas of progynova I am taking. Very much afraid to make a HPT fearing of results. Have seen a lots of Negative makes me miserable. ... this is our 3 rd IVF and had a fet out of it. Previously I had a miscarriage with the fresh cycle and I had lot of symptoms like sore boobs, hot un sleepy nights and so. But this time it is fet. So I really don't have a clue what is going on. Just praying mighty God to answer. ... I am praying for you too dear. You will find a BPT.... don't loose hope... just we are nearly on same boat... let us stay positive. ..

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