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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP After First Ovidrel Injection!

Hello ladies! I have read so many of your stories and symptoms since my husband and I began TTC in March, and now I get to share my own story and symptoms. Hopefully some of you will be able to gain some insight from it and some hope as well. I turned 39 years old last month, so time was of the essence for DH and me. We were married this spring, and while he has children from a previous marriage, we want one together. By all accounts I am a healthy woman with the exception of borderline hypothyroidism for which I take a low dose of medicine. My cycles were like clockwork until DH and I started TTC ( go figure ). For a couple of months I had short cycles and intermittent bleeding. By my third TTC cycle things seemed to straighten themselves out, but the doctor still wanted to do an ultrasound just to check things out. It was during that visit, during our fourth TTC cycle, that my doctor said I was a good candidate for the Ovidrel trigger shot. She said I had a mature follicle we could trigger to ovulate and DH and I could time our BDing. If you're unfamiliar with trigger shots, they're hCG shots that do exactly what they sound like, trigger ovulation. After getting the shot, I went home and, of course, researched the heck out of it. The trigger shots give you a positive pregnancy test, so many women "test out." This involves taking a pregnancy test every day or two to evaluate when the hCG is out of your system. Once you get a negative test, you can feel fairly confident it has run its course and you can begin to test for a true positive result. So I did that. By the way, I used FRER because they're supposed to be the most sensitive test on the market, and I thought they would give me a good indication when the Ovidrel was really out of my system. My tests, though, never truly turned negative. The test line grew lighter and lighter each day, and by 8 dpo/10 dpt the line was so faint I was convinced I would get a stark white, negative test the next day. Only, I didn't. In fact, the test line the next day was ever so slightly darker than the day before. At 10 dpo, the line was darker. At 11 dpo it was slightly darker than the day before. I called my doctor at 10 dpo and I went in for a beta test at 11 dpo. By this morning, at 12 dpo/15 dpt, my test was twice as dark as two days ago! I got the call from my doctor this afternoon who confirmed an early pregnancy, and she said today's darker test line was a good sign! I'll go for another beta tomorrow!! I never thought, at 39, I would get pregnant after just 4 cycles, but I did! I feel so fortunate! I definitely attribute our conception to the trigger shot. I would also like to note, I was using OPKs and getting positive tests, but I think they were off, or perhaps it was operator error. haha! Just days before the ultrasound and subsequent trigger shot, I had two positive OPKs. I told my doctor this, and she said they can be difficult to read and not always accurate. I had not been having EWCM since we've been TTC, like I normally have had all my life (another go figure), so that's one reason why I used the OPKs. (I also didn't really start temping like I should until our third TTC cycle. ) Nevertheless, I think DH and I were missing the actual ovulation. If I had not had that ultrasound DH and I would have missed yet another ovulation cycle. In addition to the trigger shot, we used PreSeed. I also drank a cup of decaf green tea each day which is supposed to help ovulation from what I've read. I also drank each day a fruit smoothie that included a cup of whole fat yogurt, raspberries, blueberries and half a banana. I increased leafy greens. I also took a prenatal vitamin. Good luck to everyone! Never lose hope. Here are my symptoms. Some of these could be contributed to the trigger shot, but the symptoms beginning at 9 dpo - I think - are true pregnancy symptoms. 1 dpo / 3 dpt - Nada 2 dpo / 4 dpt - headache 3 dpo / 5 dpt - creamy cm, 4 dpo / 6 dpt - creamy cm, crampy feeling 5 dpo / 7 dpt - creamy cm, bloated 6 dpo / 8 dpt - creamy cm, cramps (implantation?), bloated, gassy, irritable 7 dpo / 9 dpt - creamy cm 8 dpo / 10 dpt - creamy cm, tender BBs, heartburn, bloated This is the day I got a VVVVFL on the FRER test. I thought for sure the next day the line would be gone indicating Ovidrel was gone. 9 dpo / 11 dpt - FRER test was slightly darker than 8 dpo. creamy cm, tender breasts, heartburn, bouts of dizziness, increased appetite - I woke up ravenous. I HAD TO snarf down a Belvita breakfast biscuit packet before I could make my stepchildren breakfast. The hunger was so intense I couldn't wait. In addition to the darker FRER test on this day, my intense hunger made me think something was up because I am NEVER hungry like that. 10 dpo / 12 dpt - FRER test even darker than 9 dpo. Tingly nipples, cramps, tender breasts, heartburn, frequent urination - I was really beginning to wonder if I could be pregnant at this point. 11 dpo / 13 dpt - FRER test continues to get darker. creamy cm, tingly nipples, tender breasts, runny nose, cramps, throbbing uterine pain which lasted for about a minute. (It hurt!) headache, very irritable (couldn't find sprinklers at store and was incredibly irritated about it), increased appetite, strange smells ( After making my stepchildren lunch, I kept smelling cigarettes. No one in our house smokes, so I walked around trying to find a cracked window or door, to no avail. While cleaning up lunch, I got another cigarette whiff. It was coming from the knife I used to spread peanut butter on bread. It was the peanut butter that smelled like cigs to me!) This was a clear pregnancy indicator to me. My sniffer is NEVER off like that. 12 dpo / 14 dpt - Darkest FRER so far! Twice as dark as a few days ago. Received a positive blood test!! Tender, tingly BBs, weird throbbing, uterine pain again (lasted for a few seconds), headache, backache, increased urination. I've included a picture of my last three tests so you can see the line progression.



Hi ttc2017 I am not sure if you still check this website but your story touched me. Based on timeline of your pregnancy, you are probably in last trimester. Hope that is going well. I am 38, and started trying for babies. I have been referred to the fertility specialists and have been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve and actually have a fibroid. I actually ended up doing IUI but would need to remove fibroid if I do IVF. Below is my timeline. Please if you can give me any insight or opinion that would be great. I am new to this website. I am currently midway in my two week wait. Can someone please tell me if they think I may be pregnant based on the timeline I have below? Feb 5: So I took a trigger shot on Monday afternoon (around 1pm) Feb 6, Tuesday I had right ovary had an egg in it that matured. My left ovary had no mature eggs when I did the IUI. Later that day, i felt some action happening in the right ovary and felt some cramps etc....I believe this day, the egg got fertilized by the sperm...that night I felt soooooooooooooo tired. Feb 7 to present, I have been feeling heartburn! I asked the nurse if the trigger shot causes heart burn and she said no....Also, I would imagine that even if it did, I would have started feeling heart burn as early as Feb 5. I RARELY have heart burns! So this to me is an optimistic pregnancy symptom. Feb 10, 11, 12, and 13....there are times where I would get a dizzy spell...Before I would have some dizziness but they were sporadic... Feb 12 and 13....I had lower back ache that came and goes....It is not unheard of me to have lower back pain that comes and goes before the not sure if i would explicitly count this as a symptom of pregnancy. Feb 14 - I did my first pregnancy strip (HCG test) and there was a faint pink line. So today would be 8 days post IUI (intrauterine insemination) and 9 days post trigger shot. This faint pink line is maybe due to the effect of the HCG diminishing in my body or actually a rise of HCG from the actual pregnancy (Of course hoping for the latter) Basically, I am in the middle of the TWW and ever since day after ovulation, I have been having heartburn. I never was pregnant before so I don't have anything to compare the symptoms too! I know that each person have different symptoms (or some don't even feel symptoms). By solely relying on the heart burn symptom, do you think i am pregnant? Again, I rarely get heartburn. Any kind of response would be helpful. I'd greatly appreciate it

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