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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after HSG

Info about to spill out onto the page...

JeanBean 29yrs DH 33yrs Married 8 years TTC 1 year. No children and no previous pregnancies.

25-28 day cycles. In fact last 4 cycles went 28,27,26,25. + OPKs usually CD10/11, but didn't use any this cycle.

Had my first appointment with a fertility specialist last month and thus starts all the testing.

CD 1 October 26

CD 9 HSG - Nurse said tubes are open, but I haven't gotten the official results yet. Nurse told me HSG followed by 17% increase in likelihood of BFP for next three cycles.

CD 10 DTD pm


CD 12 EWCM DTD am. Suspected O Day (No OPK's, Dr suggested easing up on part of TTC routine. So, no OPK's)

CD 13/1DPO DTD pm

CD 20/8DPO Blood Work. Progesterone (No results yet) TSH thyroid test normal. Uterus feels full, and heavy.

CD 21/9DPO Have been oddly aware of my uterus since HSG. Pressure/Fullness and now a sore throat started today.

CD 22/10 DPO BFN FMU. Stayed home sick, sore throat, fatigued, headache, uterus crampy pressure.

CD 23/11 DPO very very very faint positive only a shadow/hint of a line, could barely see it even when inverted in photoshop. Stayed home sick again, headache, tired, but hey I'm sick, but Zero pregnancy related symptoms. All previous symptoms gone.

CD 24/12 DPO No pregnancy related symptoms... Zero.

CD 25/13 DPO No pregnancy related symptoms in the am,... but then AF type crampy pinches in evening. :(

CD 26/14 DPO AF cramps, but then right before bed I noticed my nipples were sensitive and wow hello Montgomery tubercles the glands of my aureola were huge!

CD27/15 DPO woke up early to AF cramps, FMU down the toilet, went back to bed. Hour later alarm for work goes off... no period?? odd/late SMU BFP BFP BFP Cried showering for work, cried telling my hubby, cried doing my make up, cried telling the cat. Nausea at work!! Tried to act normal. Called fertility specialist, referred me to Midwife for intake!!!

By the by for those interested, the HSG its self was not painful, but my tubes were not blocked. Also, the mild cramping during the test, although easy to handle, did not let up! Seriously, exhaustive mild cramping for 14 hrs. At least, I can be fairly confident my uterus cleared 99 % of the contrast dye. Made a nice easy path for the egg and sperm!!!


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