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BFP after IUI, first try worked!

Hi all! I'm writing this partly because I stalked these forums for almost two years while TTC, and partly to help myself believe that this is really happening! I'm 4W5D today, and so far everything is progressing normally. Here's my story: My husband and I started TTC in February 2013. At that time I was 32 and he was 35. I'd had an IUD (Mirena) for 8 years, and even though I didn't have periods at all during that time my period came back really quickly after it was removed. My periods were (and remained) incredibly light, BUT they were super regular. Per the internet, the regularity was the important factor, so we kept trying. I tracked my temps and other fertility signs and also used OPKs during that time, and my husband and I were doing a good job with timing. But after 6 months of BFNs I made an appointment with my OB. She did a blood workup but nothing came up. My husband's tests also came back normal (count on the lower end of normal but good motility). After 6 MORE months of trying we were finally eligible to see an RE (we had health insurance in NC at the time, so we had to wait for an "official" diagnosis of infertility before any diagnostic work would be covered). The RE did more bloodwork and noticed that my TSH levels were slightly elevated, so she put me on synthroid. I also had an HSG done to be sure my tubes were open, etc., and that went great. Within two months my thyroid hormone levels were normal, and since that was the only possible explanation for our infertility we figured we'd try for a couple more months to get pregnant naturally. But nope, no BFPs, periods kept coming every 28 days. My RE wanted to try IUI, but unfortunately we were moving from NC to NY and had to put our fertility treatments on hold. Finally, after finding a doctor in New York and getting the timing right, we did our first round of clomid-assisted IUI last month. I did 5 days of clomid, and when I went in for my ultrasound on October 12th there were four mature follicles! My RE's office administered the trigger shot and we came back 24 hours later (October 13th) for the procedure. My husband's numbers were lower than average this time (~10mil), although motility was good. Still, because the count was low my doctor warned me that it might not take, and reminded me that "it's a process". We were pretty disappointed, but life goes on. Well, 6 days after the IUI (October 19th) I started to feel my first symptoms. That night, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, I had some mild cramps. Like menstrual cramps, but I never have cramps normally (in addition to my periods being super light I have almost no symptoms). The next day (TMI warning!) I was SUPER gassy and constipated. My sisters all experienced gas in very early pregnancy, so I started to get excited. I also continued to cramp all day, and at one point mid-afternoon it felt pretty intense. Like I had to stop what I was doing and breathe through it, a noticeably sharp pain that was definitely not intestinal. I'm pretty sure this is when the fertilized egg implanted. For the next several days I continued to experience constipation and a mild skin breakout (also very unusual for me), but the cramping subsided. On October 23rd my boobs started to feel pretty sensitive (they have continued to be since that point). So at this point I was pretty sure I was pregnant and freaking out with excitement. I took my first HPT 10 days past IUI and... BFP. I took another one 11 dpiui, again negative. I was crushed. I broke down crying that night, sure I'd either had an early miscarriage or was never pregnant to begin with. The next evening (October 25th), I took one more test just to be sure. BFP!!!!! It was a faint second line, but it was there!!! We were both completely ecstatic and in shock. In 21 months of trying, this was my very first BFP. It's still hard for me to believe! So far my HCG levels are doubling every 48hrs as expected, and progesterone has been good too. I go in for my first ultrasound on Friday. Please cross your fingers for me! Even if this embryo doesn't survive, I'm so happy to know that it's possible for me to get pregnant using IUI. For those of you TTC with unexplained infertility, I know it can be so crazy making. Don't give up hope!


Congratulations on your BFP! 

Congratulations!  Fingers crossed for a happy and healthy 9 mos. 

Congratulations :)  

congrats! Very happy for You! 

"Even if this embryo doesn't survive, I'm so happy to know that it's possible for me to get pregnant using IUI." I feel this way every month...I've never gotten a real positive, just a false one when I tested too soon after an Ovidrel injection.  I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

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