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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP After Just Four Months At 41

Like everyone else who posts here, I've found this site wonderful while TTC. It's so uplifting reading all the BFP stories and I have to admit that some of the unbelievably detailed symptoms made me laugh out loud at times (itch in left nostril, switched to right nostril. Hot left earlobe. Nipple twinge.) I'm almost sorry not to have more entertaining symptoms to report, but I'm writing this mainly to give hope to anyone like me who is starting a family later in life.

My man and I are both 41 and we decided in November 2011 to try for our first (and probably only) child. We had read the statistics and knew it could take around 18 months at our age and might not work at all. I visited my gynecologist before we started to make sure everything was in working order and she told me that, despite all those scary statistics you read about sharp drops in female fertility after 35, I should be confident and hopeful. She said every woman is different and statistics are often as good as meaningless at an individual level. Her feeling was that, with my textbook cycle and healthy-looking follicles, I had as good a chance of conceiving as many women in their thirties or even twenties, especially as I had been using the temperature method for conception for the last 15 years, so, unlike women who have been on the pill for most of their adult lives, I had had a totally natural cycle for a long time and was used to monitoring my fertile times. I didn't really believe her, I have to say. I thought she was probably just trying to be positive and encouraging and got ready for a long wait with an uncertain outcome.

To help things along, we both started taking Maca and I also took evening primrose oil up to ovulation. After the first month, we also invested in some Preseed and some instead softcups, which I used a total of three times (third time lucky). I injected Preseed beforehand and also put some in the cup and inserted it right after sex. We made sure that I had my orgasm after his and I also put a pillow under my hips. We did this all three times we tried with Preseed. I left the cups in for five or six hours. The only thing I did differently this month was that I was less strict about not drinking any alcohol at all. I had a small amount of alcohol one evening before ovulation and once again in the five days before implantation can take place. We were also a bit more haphazard about timing things right and making an early start, so we actually ended up having less sex this time and having it closer together (before that, we were doing every alternate day for five days and then every day at ovulation. This time we bd two days before ovulation, one day before and on the day itself, always in the morning before getting up). Another difference was that I had such a lot going on this month that I didn't really have the time and attention to interpret every itchy nostril and earlobe twinge during my tww like I did the other times. It reminds me of the saying "a watched pot never boils". I just didn't have the time to watch the pot closely and before I knew it, it was boiling like mad! It was only when my period failed to turn up and I looked at my chart that I realized I'd had a brief temperature drop 9 DPO and that the spotting that began 10 DPO must have been implantation bleeding.

And so, just four months down the line, here I sit with a BFP Clear Blue test in my handbag. I have to keep getting it out to look at it, or I just wouldn't believe it! I never thought it would happen so fast at our age. One of the other reasons I can hardly believe it is that I have hardly any symptoms. My normal non-pregnant post-ovulation symptoms are much more spectacular than this!

DPO 1-9 - striking lack of symptoms. Breasts DON'T hurt (though they normally hurt all the time from the day of ovulation right through to the start of my period).

9 DPO - dreamed I was telling people I was pregnant and that my baby would have the star sign libra. Felt cold. Very dry throat.

10 DPO - BBT dropped below the base line and found tiny clump of brownish blood on toilet paper. Still cold. Throat v. dry.

11 DPO - BBT up again. V. small amount of faint pinkish blood on TP. Cold, Dry throat but no flu in sight. Breasts slightly tender but nothing like normal.

12 DPO - BBT steady. Constipated, cold, dry throat. Again, tiny amount of pinkish blood on TP - assume it is period starting. Breasts slightly tender and feel sort of watery inside.

13 DPO - Strange cramp lasting about 7 seconds in the morning. Sharper and more frontal than period pain. Constipated. Cold. Very hungry. Suddenly start noticing my CM is back to creamy white again. At this point I realize something is up. My period should have started today, If it was merely late, then I would expect to be dry until it got going. It is unusual to have lots of white CM starting off again after having already seen blood the days before.

14 DPO no symptoms to speak of. Feel totally normal. Strangely so, as I would normally have more symptoms than this if my period was starting. Took test at midday and expect to see nothing much for the next three minutes but the BFP appears within mere seconds! There it is and I can hardly believe my eyes.

Good luck to everyone out there. Especially all ladies in their forties!


Your story is similar to mine although we did not use any preseed and I did not do anything special (like primrose or anything).  I am 35 and DH 41 and we we started trying Nov 2011.  We were successful on 2nd cycle (BFP on 12/31).  I, too, was expecting it to take at least 6 months or longer.  I also had not been on bc for over ten years as we just used condoms. My cycles were very consistent and exact.  I'm now 10 weeks along and hopefully all goes well! So very happy for you!  Best of luck to you and your little bean! 

Thanks for posting. I turned 40 in November, and have been TTC since August. Had what I think was implantation bleed in November, which then triggered an early period/failed implantation. Otherwise nothing. Very good to hear of successful conception in others of the same age - it gives us all hope! Congratulations and best of luck.

It's so nice to read your story. Thank you for posting. It sure gives me more confidence. I have very similar situation as you. 36, ttc1 since Nov. This month I had many werid symptoms than others, such as gassy, cramps, backache, etc. O'd on Feb 1st (I think) and expect AF on 16th. Tested with dollar kit yesterday morning and this morning, got really really faint second line, hard to see. A little stressed right now, don't want to lose this one. Ordered some digit blue on line to test tomorrow. Wish me luck! Oh I have no cm and no bbs sore, which made me nervious too...

Thank you for your story! I am 39 and DH I'd 42 and we've been hoping to conceive for about a year when I went off birth control pills. I had the attitude of not actively trying but hoping God and nature heard my prayers and heart and that just being off birth control would get us somewhere in the next six months or so. I had a clockwork 28-29 day cycle, abundant ewcm (also like clockwork) but for 9 months nothing. I got tired of the acne after a while and the 'never knowing' and decided to go back on the pill and just be happy with the three beautiful children we already have. We only bd'd that month on day 8 of my cycle but that month af never came! I got a bfp about 2 weeks after af was due...but was nervous because I got a bad cold with a fever and sinus infection and had taken prednisone and an antibiotic for a week. At 9 weeks ultrasound showed baby stopped growing at 7 wks and no heartbeat, no signs of miscarriage either so at 11 weeks (dec 19) I had a d&c. I bled and cramped horribly for two weeks after, but af came exactly 32 days later. But this only strengthened my desire to have one more! And I also learned that I prob ovulated early that cycle, and that tracking ewcm and sex on or around 'day 14' was probably not going to cut it. I got an opk this time and got a positive LH surge on day 18! I have not had much ewcm since the d&c though, but was surprised I had the LH surge only two months post d&c. The miscarriage was my first (though I lost my first daughter when I was 20 years old at 31 weeks due to multiple congenital anomalies...probably related to my being on tetracycline when I found out I was pregnant) so it was shocking and sad but I am grateful to know I can still get pregnant! So on we go! We will keep trying! Stories such as yours give me hope : ) thanks and good luck and Godspeed with your lil bean! : ). Babydust to all!

Thanks for your comment. I really do think it is important to get these stories out there. We girls continually get bombarded with panic-inducing statistics in the press or with negative "going-nuts-due-to-ticking-biological-clock"-type female characters in movies and it can drag you down, especially when you see a lot of ordinary people around you accepting these kind of views as gospel. It is neither fair nor encouraging. Women have gained so much more freedom to chose how they plan their lives and that is a GOOD thing - not just for women, but for children, too, because we can have them when we're truly ready for them. We no longer feel like we have to rush into marriage and start trying for a family immediately. We can do it when we are emotionally mature, when we have made sure we can devote the necessary time to child-raising and when we know that we've really got the right man by our sides. Not everybody has that by their twenties. Neither Hollywood nor the media should try to make us feel like we're taking foolish risks, just because some of us may end up taking a longer, more meandering route towards motherhood. That's what I think. Good luck to you with your little one! I'm sure that having a regular and natural cycle really helps things along at any age.

I hoped it would encourage others around my age. It proves that one day, that little miracle can just happen. A failed implantation sounds promising. At least you know the egg and the sperm are "getting it together". I think that happened to me the first time we tried, though I never took a test. I had a very heavy, slightly early period, and my period is normally totally regular. I don't know if this was your first time, but I read that first pregnancies do often end this way. Maybe our bodies sometimes need to get used to the idea before they accept an implantation. So maybe next time it will stick. I hope so. Good luck!

Watching those lines is such torture! When it's faint you can never know if you're just imagining it. I used a test that said "pregnant" or "not pregnant" this time. It saved me a lot of eye strain! Not having sore boobs can be a sign too, as I found out. Hope this is the case for you. I'm crossing my fingers for you.

Sounds like you've had a really tough time so far. I do hope it works out for you soon. At least you know the possibility of getting pregnant is there and all you need now is the strength to continue and a little bit of good luck. It's been a difficult journey, but when it works out in the end, how much happier you will be! Babydust to you!

another forty something hopeful here in the 2 ww!! have a hh9m!  and I hope everything goes smoothly for you congrats and enjoy..

Well Done to you both! I'm 41 and TTC. I miscarried last year in October and my periods only started again in January. I am very hopeful this month as i'm getting lots of symptoms similar to the ladies on here:cramps, headaches, feeling hot a lot of the time, sensitive teeth, etc. Good luck to all of us both TTC and with BFP - hope we all have sticky beans. xxxxx    

hello mom to be at 46!  am really rooting for you and hope to be sharing my story soon at age 49!!

I was just wondering how your pregnancy is going.  I turned 41 in April.  Near the end of last year, after giving up on having children, I turned up pregnant completely naturally.  I must note that I had (apparently now) been misdiagnosed with having both my fallopian tubes blocked.  Unfortunately, in March we lost our son at 20 1/2 weeks.  The doctors all say that the loss was not due to any abnormalities with the baby or any medical problems with me that are likely to repeat. So, now about 4 months after that loss and resulting D&C we are trying again.  This month is the first cycle I tracked and am using the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor.  Noted a lot of EWCM in two days before got positive ovulation with the monitor; so everything seems to be working.  Just looking for good stories not only the all important BFP but also positive results in the months that follow.  I hope you are feeling well and have had a nice, smooth pregnancy so far!!

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