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BFP after laparoscopy

Hubby and I had been ttc for over two years. We were about to start IVF but I was booked in for a lap and dye after there was no spill on my right tube after an initial dye test. I was terrified of the lap, but it was a lot better than I expected. I was treated for mild endo on the right side too. Just make sure you rest properly after the op. I tried to do too much after a week and it set me back a bit (the docs advise one week off work, but I would take two). Anyway, my next ov date after the lap was literally about 10 days after the lap and I was not recovered sufficiently from the op to try then. However, we got our BFP on the next cycle! I've been so nervous of something going wrong since we've been waiting so long, but we had an early scan at 6wks (after I had pains on the right side) and we saw the heartbeat on the scan machine. Fingers crossed everything will be ok. I had heard that you have a better chance of getting pregnant after a lap, but I honestly had no real hope of getting pregnant after 2 years and saw the op only as a means to an end, namely IVF. In my case, having the laparoscopy was definitely the best thing I ever did.


congratz iam happy that u and ur hubby fianally achieveing this wonderful goal H& 9 months :)

Congratulations on your BFP. I also had a lap done 1 week ago. Hubs and I have been trying for #2 together for a year with no luck. I was pregnant last year but miscarried. I went in for the dye test last month and my RE saw scar tissue on my left tube. Went in for the lap last week and turns out I had adhesions, scar tissue and a cyst on my right ovary. He cleaned me out and inserted dye to make sure my tubes were open. Everything is fine. Reading your story gives me hope that hubby and I can end our journey with a bfp soon. Congratulations again:)



i also had a Lap April 17,2015 AF come on the 11th of May we tried nothing happen,i think my body was still trying to recover also. we are trying again this month and see whats going to happen 

again Congratulations!!!!!!!

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