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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Late Miscarriage @ 23 weeks (May 2018)

In May 2018 I lost my little girl to severe early onset pre-eclampsia and a week later suffered a seizure which resulted in me being diagnosed with Venous Sinus Thrombosis (clot in the Sagittal vein). I was devastated and wasn’t sure if I could ever try again (I suffered my first miscarriage in January 2017) MMC. I was told that no chromosomal abnormalities were found and I myself didn’t have an underlying condition I was just unlucky and I could try again after 2 cycles. After giving birth to my little girl my periods were all over the place they ranged from 24-27 day cycle when before I was pregnant it was a 31 day cycle every time! Me and my husband discussed trying again, I felt like if I was going to do this I had to try as soon as my body was able. We didn’t monitor anything, temp, use ovulation tracking etc we just wanted to go with the flow, which brings me on to my symptoms. I think I ovulated between the 31st August - 3rd September somewhere around there ( I only know this because my discharge changes and stays this way until after ovulation). I couldn’t be 100% sure though as my periods were pretty erratic. I didn’t track by DPO as I wasn’t exactly sure when I ovulated nor did I ever think I would get pregnant so soon, but I did have some normal PMS symptoms as well as additional ones I don’t normally have. The PMS symptoms were sore boobs, crampy belly and fatigue. The unusual ones for me were burping after everything I ate and drank, a sore throat and stuffy nose, heart palpitations, a strange lighting bolt sensation down below which stopped me in my tracks, waves of random nausea and no CM which isn’t normal for me after ovulation. I normally have cervical mucus up until AF. There were a few other symptoms I had but can’t be sure it was pregnancy related so I have left them out. I’m scared of what’s to come as I’m classed as high risk. I take aspirin daily and once a heartbeat is confirmed I will be started on Tinzaparin (blood thinning injections) for this whole pregnancy and after! I just wanted to share my story so you know after going through something as heartbreaking as a late miscarriage there is hope. I really pray this is our time as I want nothing more than to be a mommy!! Good luck ladies with your BFP x

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