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BFP after late ovulation and Tubal Reversal

I can't believe it!  I got a "PREGNANT" on my Clear Blue!  This is my 3rd month TTC after Tubal Reversal and I have been on this site a lot!  I really love reading everyones posts! I tried the OPKs with two lines for my first 2 months TTC.  Never got a positive. EVER! Started to worry.  Was peeing on sticks all the time! lol  Got excited on Oct 24 when I started very slight spotting, 5 days before AF was due.  Oct 25 started full flow.  Made my cycle only 24 days when I am very near 28 days every month.  So started to pee on sticks that had "O" or "smile face" on Nov. CD 8.  Kept going and going and felt "ovulation pain" at 9pm on CD 17.  On a whim, I OPK tested and it was a Smiley!   Tested again the next morning, and it was negative, so I would of missed it if not for the ovulation pain! Was confused on when to test for pregnancy, as I had the short cycle in Oct. and I ovulated on CD 19 according to Fertility Friend (First month BBTcharting as well)  So I tested on CD 27 but it was negative, also only 9 DPO.  Tested today ( Nov 23) with same dollar store test and saw very faint second line.  Did another and was the same!  Bought Clear Blue Digital after work and got a PREGNANT!!!  I am so happy!  I wish the same for everyone else TTC!


Question:  When did you start TTC after your TR? 

I too had a tubal reversal and had my first "O" pain with only one (+) OPK (CD19 TOO!) and now I have a bunch of pre symptoms but am only 7DPO so I still am getting that BFN :(  ... Keeping my fingers crossed for the BFP soon!! 

Cris did you ever get your bfp?

I had my tubes tied April 09, met my new husband and wanted baby had my tubal reversal Jan 2014 how long take me get pregnant and I just started using opk

I had my tubal reversal on Jan 5 2015 (period was on), I bought CBE O test and hot a Smiley Face on 18 Jan 2015...had great XXX the same day. Fingers crossed

Does insurance cover the cost?

Hi, I just had tubal reversal on
Jan 9, 2015( period came on like lock work the week after. I've been trying since March. It seems so long. I need patience in my life. Lol... And am glad Ebony I have someone that did it in January like me...and Tanesha insurance doesn't cover it.

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