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BFP After Low Progesterone Levels!

I have a clockwork the hour. This one was off from the beginning. First thing was I usually bleed 5-6 days and this time I only bled 4. Second was I was STRESSED because this was the PERFECT time for us to TTC and DH was getting sent home from his job 2 days later than normal. Oddly enough, my OPKs were negative at the time they were always positive. We have been TTC for 7 months after my blighted ovum miscarriage. I promise I've been charting very closely!

I ovulated 4 days late and DH made it in time to BD the day before, day of and day after. I was shocked I ovulated late and really thought I somehow messed up OPKs because this didn't make sense!

3DPO I came down with a yeast infection. I didn't realize that's what it was until 4DPO. I haven't had a yeast infection since I was 9 years old! Something isn't right.

5DPO I'm still fighting yeast infection with natural treatments and no sugar in diet. Brown spotting when I wiped today. Cervix low, firm and slightly open

6DPO oddly nauseated today. Otherwise energized. Cervix same.

7DPO had mild uterine-like cramping around lunch for 2 hours. A little irritable. Craving sweets! The yeast infection has been cleared, but now I have a sebaceous cyst on the lower part of my labia majora. What the heck?! Seriously thinking something is wrong with me and although I don't feel pregnant, if I'm not, I'm worried!!

8DPO skin is super oily!!! That's a first.

9DPO wanted my cyst looked at. Drew my progesterone levels while I was there. P4= 7.4. Verification I ovulated when I suspected with OPK but no way I was going to get pregnant with such a low level. I cried when I got the result, which made DH suspect I might be preggo. Cervix low, firm and closed.

10dpo- dreamt of a BFP. Never have done that before. Broken out worse than a hormonal teenager! My skin is so oily that when I wipe it with my hand it glides across it like melted butter. Before my shower, I noticed by BBs has blue veins more than normal. I knew my eyes must have been playing tricks on me. Denied it and went to bed. Full of energy today. Went for a run. Bloated somewhat. Cervix medium, firm and closed. POAS= negative

11dpo POAS = negative. Took a shower. 12 minutes later I check the test and OMG a line!!!! Very, very faint but dark enough for my iPhone camera to pick it up. Had it tweaked online and BFP. Began progesterone supplementing immediately in fear of that low level a few days ago! My skin is so oily that I'm actually grossed out. Creamy CM. cervix med, firm and closed.

12DPO POAS. Positive within 4 minutes but no darker! FRER is obviously positive and almost instantly. Omg I'm pregnant!! Peeing frequently. Sore BBs on and off. Slight uterine cramping for 10 min after walking 3 miles this morning. Full of energy and excitement. Acne like crazy!!! Still taking progesterone.

13DPO I attended a birth (I'm a studying midwife). Got really nauseated and hot flashed during the birth. Too soon for morning sickness, so I'm thinking too much progesterone supplementing. FRER positive. Wondfo not changing. Prepped DH for a chemical pregnancy and expecting period tomorrow :(

14DPO Diarrhea this morning (I get that every pregnancy on the day of missed period!). Breast tenderness. Suddenly my test is MUCH darker. Lab work done. Hcg= 106. P4: 29!!!! I'm exhausted today recovering from that birth, but super excited about my bean. Aversion to meat and sugar today.

15dpo tests still darker. bBs sore off and on.

16 DPO: hot flashes. Nausea. Crampy and gassy. Bloated and dizzy. Yuck! (but not complaining!!) irritable and scared from all the cramping. Repeat labs. Hcg= 260! P4: 36! Have to back off progesterone supplementing! Whooo! Still aversion to meat and sugar. Not handling caffeine from coffee well either. Finally accept that I am pregnant and am excited to be due Nov 25, 2012 with my rainbow baby!


Congratulations! Are you supplementing with a prescribed progesterone or an OTC progesterone cream? How many mg were you using daily when you were having hot flashes?

Bc my levels were so low before I actually did both!

1 proterium 200mg suppository in AM
2 pumps 20usp NOW foods lotion 4 hours after vaginal suppository

Repeated shoved in evening

On Wed my P4 was 7.4. On Monday is was 29. I started supplementing Saturday night. Dr said continue with supplementing bc I have history of low progesterone pregnancies.

On Wed (1 wk after 7.4, 4.5 days of supplementing) it was 36 and I was told to cut out lotion.

Your issue with the yeast infection has helped me to feel better about the crazy things going on with my body! I am 10 DPO with BFNs the last 3 days and was so confused when I got an out-of-the-blue yeast infection on 7 DPO. I was so scared that my increased CM from 1 DPO until now was because of the yeast infection instead of maybe being PG. You are the first person who I have seen post this symptom and it makes me feel so much better! Thank you for the resupply of hope!

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