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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after MC

BFP by DPO 0 dpo: TON of EWCM this morning. BD around midnight. Slept well. Feel good today. Sense of smell is up and increased need to pee (normal for my O). Retaining some water. 1 dpo: Some EWCM. Slept well and hard. Sense of smell is still way up. Retaining a lot of water. Or I gained 7 pounds overnight magically. 2 dpo: Sticky, cloudy CM. Water weight is down. Mild cramping low in pelvic area 3 dpo: Frisky feeling. BD. Some bloating. Mild nausea late at night. 4 dpo: Extremely nauseated, pretty sure I have a stomach flu or something. 100.4° fever, headache, can't eat, slept until noon. Breasts are a tad fuller, not particularly painful. Haven't been sick in ages. 5 dpo: Woke up at 5 am. I feel much better in comparison to yesterday. Giant glob of EWCM after BM. Massive amount of creamy CM, like a bottle of lotion was squeezed. More EWCM as well. Still pretty nauseated. Some mild cramping on left lower pelvic region. Breasts feel and look totally normal, which is strange (around here is when my breasts usually get super painful and start growing for PMS). 6 dpo: Lots of creamey lotioney CM, lots of EWCM, and sticky CM. Lots of it in my undies :/ in a very good mood today tho. Sun was out. Felt overwhelmingly nauseated at bfast, at lunch, and right when I started work. Feel OK now (8:30 pm). Think it's just residual sickness. Throat is all dry and scratchy. 7 dpo: Hard time staying asleep. Only got 5 hours or so. Laid there for a long time before making myself get up. Breasts feel fine, but they are definitely more full today. Gassy. 8 dpo : Nausea on and off today. Like real, not in your head nausea. Loose stools. Butt pimples??!? Haven't had bottom pimples in a looong time. Mild cramping. Slept well, had to take 1MG of maltonin. Tired. Breasts feel normal, is weird. I was wiping down a table, when suddenly I felt this sharp pain in my finger - like I had glass in it or something, but there was nothing. I stuck it in ice and it suddenly stopped. I thought it was a little swollen, then I forgot about it. Later in the day I suddenly noticed that my finger was turning purple, but just between my last two knuckles (on my ring finger). It doesn't hurt or anything, but the bruising is pretty intense. It freaked me out pretty badly. I've never had that happen before.. Nausea before bed. 9 dpo: Slept well. Feel fine and normal. Some creamy CM. 10 dpo: Kept waking up every 2 hours even tho I'm exausted. Had weird, intense dreams. DH woke me up once bc I was making sounds. Anyway, had some mild cramping - like super faint cramps in my uterus region. Nausea off and on. Mild headache off and on. 11 dpo: 630 AM Mild nausea. Slept well tho. Super mild burning/stretching sensation low in pelvis area - on the left side. Lots of creamy CM.. 9AM Mild pressure like sensations in uterus. (I think 10 and 11 dpo had signs of implantation, looking back) 12 dpo : Woke up at 430 AM, not able to go back to sleep. Got nauseated. Headaches. Drank tea and became extremely nauseated, until I finally ate. Showered and felt a little queezy. 930 AM mild brief cramping on left side. Fatigued. Breasts are fuller than usual, but not by much. Still no pain or sensitivity, which is just so wierd. Tired, napped before work. More mild cramping on left side. Intense dreams again. Dreamt I was pregnant! I ALWAYS dream about my period before it starts - first time I've ever had a pregnancy dream! The subconscious is amazing. 3 PM Just peed and it smelled a little sharp - like blood or my period or something. 13 dpo: Slept well. Strong cramping briefly - think it was gas, but maybe not. Queezy after bfast, stomach is pretty sour. Acne continues. Breasts were kind of burney and sensative for a minute, but now they're normal feeling again. Butt pimples continue. CM is thin and milky. Very tired today :( 7 PM legs and lower back are killing me. Sciatic nerve is all jacked up today. Mild cramping off and on. Sure AF is about to start. Boobs still feel fine tho. 14 dpo: 4AM woke up super hot, and nauseated, and wide awake. Feel anxious. Decided to go ahead and eat something, then go back to sleep :/ Nipples a wee bit sensitive. A bit fuller. Period due any time now. Pimples in weird places :( have one on my chest? Face is broken out bad. CM is thin and milky. 4PM more mild cramping in uterus - center lower abdomen. Dizzy spell. 6PM Stomach is really sour. Headaches, tired. Ingestion. Gassy. Weird feeling. 10PM Sharp, light pinch super close to right hip. Sensative teeth?? 15 dpo: Woke up at 259AM but made my self go back to sleep. Breasts are sensitive, not really painful tho. Also still very small (I have AA's). Ingestion and nausea all day long. Sensitive teeth again?? Random lower back ache, dissapeared pretty quickly. Heartbuuuun. Looseish stools. Mild cramping off and on in the evening, pretty constant. AF about to show. Temper a little short today, nothing crazy though. Increased sense of smell again.. At work last night, I was washing my hands in the bathroom, and there was another woman in the first stall. I could literally smell her V odor. It was very sharp, like she was about to start her period. Ive never been able to do that before. 16 dpo: Breasts are a tad larger. Not painful or anything. CM is a little creamy, but very scant - not a lot when wiping. Stomach is a little off but better than it has been. Some cramping - feels like AF is about to start. Feel full down there. Checked cervix position - is meium (not high or low) and hard, but definitely closed. Wet feeling I think? Felt a little tender when I touched it. Felt like the tip of my nose. :) 1 PM increase in CM. Creamy. Some in panties. A little wet feeling down there. Fatigued. Taking a nap before work. Weird sensations on vagina. 7PM Tasted a sip of mead at work, and it turned my stomach over. Gassy. 17 dpo: Mild cramping in center of pelvic region. Gassy. Breasts larger, but not painful. Woke up a bunch of times, made myself go back to sleep. I had another dream that I was pregnant and gave birth to a baby. 10AM Cervix is too high for me to feel today. Near constant mild cramping, left lower pelvic region. There's a kind of stretching feeling. It doesn't hurt, but I can feel it. Still no AF.. Considering testing, but sure it'll be a waste of time. 18 dpo: Thin milky CM. Vagina very wet feeling. Will test tomorrow morning if I don't start today. I read that being sick and having a fever can mess with the bodies natural menstrual cycle, and I was definitely sick earlier this month. So there's a chance that that's why I'm running late. Sharp stomach cramping after taking Tylenol and my b12 vitamin. Breasts a little sore up near armpits, briefly. Still full, but not painful. Stomach is pretty sour. Cervix is high, soft, and still closed! I felt it! 10Pm sensative teeth again. Prickle mild pain feeling deep in vagina. Lots of creamy CM. Getting in undies :/ 19 dpo: Breasts a little bigger. Kind of sore. Forgot to test, but I don't think I am. Gassy. Slept for 5.5 hours or there abouts. Cervix is high, soft, and closed still!! CM is creamy and kind of chunky, doesn't smell like anything, but tastes kind of metallic and bitter. Also had a bit of pale yellow CM, all of which is quite common for me when I'm about to start. No cramps today so far. 6PM BFP!!!!!!!! I only held it for an hour, and the second line showed almost immediately!!!! OMG. AHHH!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ So excited :) :) :) Hoping for my rainbow baby - miscarried 8 months ago. What was different for me this cycle: breasts didn't hurt pretty much at all, which is very very weird for me as they typically go up a painful cup size before AF. Sensative teeth were weird. And the cramping - mild, near constant cramps for a few days without any spotting or anything. I hope this helps someone else. I've been crawling all over these boards recently. I really didn't think I was preggars. Still can't believe it. Cheers! ♥
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I like how u detailed your symptoms list. I'm only 3 dpo been feeling weird ever since day 1. Sore boobs high temps backache fatigue and frequent urination. Had dizzy spells too which is not normal for me.

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