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BFP After Multiple BFNs!

This was the first cycle since we started trying for our third and last baby. I don't chart but I have very regular cycles of 28 days and we just BD regularly throughout. With my other two, and with my chemical in between, I got my BFP 4-5 days before AF was due, so this cycle I started testing reeeeaaally early and got repeated BFNs at what I figured were 8-12 DPO (estimating, since I don't chart but must have historically had a normal LP because I have always gotten pg easily). Two days before AF was due, I took a FR digi and it was -NO. I began to feel crampy and while I knew I felt like this in early pg, I didn't let myself get my hopes up and just convinced myself that AF was about to show. Well, AF day came and went with another BFN on a cheapie, and then I had the tiniest bit of pink on the toilet paper before bed so figured AF was just arriving. But woke up to nothing, and then after another 2 days of crampy twinges, gurgly belly and a bit of dizziness, I finally bought some new FRERs this morning and took a test... BFP!! Hoping this little bean's getting comfy in there. And by the way, I am still BFN on the ic, but a second FRER was BFP so I can trusting that one! So the moral of the story is, don't test super early! And if you do, remember you are not out until AF shows (even if you've had really early BFPs in the past)! Oh, and spend the $ and get a good test :) Good luck to all!!
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Congratulations!!! I'm 3 days late this cycle (baby number 4) but like you have always tested postive early in all my other pregnancies (my 3 children, 1 ectopic, and 1 mc) so when I tested this month on CD 26 and got a BFN I figured I must be out but I am now at CD 29 and no period???? My cycle is under the title "Implantation Cramping???" and I posted it last Tuesday or Wed, if you had any thoughts on mine I'd love to hear them! and Congratulations again on your BFP! :)

Congrats!! Same thing happened for me with IC vs frer. Frer was a clear positive on day of expected af (14 dpo) but the IC was the faintest line ever! DH couldnt see it- he thought i was crazy. Still faint over the next few days and it made me paranoid that something was wrong! I think you get what you pay for with the tests. I agree- spring for the good ones and try to wait long enough so you don't waste a ton of $ testing too early. I got a bfn on frer 11 dpo so everyone is different! :) best of luck for a h & h 9 months!

Your story is so helpful! I'm going through the exact same thing right now and hope that I'm in your shoes a few days from now! I made the mistake of caving and testing early and now I'm determined to take one every day (or every hour if I could!) until I see a second line.  Right now, every day feel like an eternity, but it's so helpful knowing that even with BFN so close to AF, a BFP could still just be right around the corner! Congrats =)

That gives me so much more hope! I'm on 14dpo, expecting AF today. She is usually here early in the morning, but nothing yet. I took my last frer yesterday, bfn, so I was ready to give in. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I'll get my bfp!

I am trying for baby #4 and with all my other 3 I got results days before my period was due and never had to wait to look for symptoms. Now here I am AF was due according to my phone app yesterday but nothing except BFN over and over again. I know I ovulated (OPK) on cycle day 17 so if I stayed with the 14 day wait, then Monday would be 14 days. I am still praying I have my BFP on the way this week, the wait and negatives are tormenting me.

but you just gave me some hope.  My son and daughter were both early BFP's (4/6 days before AF was due).  Today at 3 days out, I had another stark white BFN.  I've been cramping, boobs have been sore, all the things I typically only get when I'm pregnant but nothing.  I'd pretty much resigned myself to it not being my month (but then I saw your post). Still waiting for "the witch" (it is Halloween after all) but hoping my story is similar to yours =)  Thank you for posting!

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