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Hi Ladies, I stalked this board for a year and I'm (cautiously) excited to share my BFP story with you and give hope to those going through the dreaded 2ww! I remember reading through so many posts hoping to find someone's story that matched closely to mine so I could relate. I know it's early, but no matter how this pregnancy plays out (please please let it be positively!), it worked. I did get pregnant. I CAN get pregnant. So there is hope for me and all of you - stay strong! Me - 34, no known issues DH - 30, 1% morphology Cycled at Cornell After 2 failed IUI's with injectibles and one failed IVF/ICSI, we just completed a natural FET with 2 5-day blasts and got our BFP yesterday (beta 112 10dp5dt). With the first three cycles, I had AF cramps and all three times, AF showed up/I got a BFN before beta. I had sore bb's, which looking back was surely a side effect of those nasty hormones! This BFP cycle, I had af like cramping (pelvic pressure/heaviness) so I thought I was getting af (again). I have a VERY bloated tummy and the last 3 days before beta I've been very nauseous. My bb's are not sore AT ALL. Those really are the only symptoms....overall feeling like crap. This cycle, all I did was blood work starting CD 10, go two more times for blood work before I got my surge (no pee tests at all), then a few days later I took a zpack and medrol to get ready for the transfer, which was 5 days later. I started prometrium suppositories 2x a day the day after my transfer and that's it! I attribute my lack of sore bb's to not being on any stimming hormones this time, but every woman and every cycle can be totally different. I sort of just knew (only the af cramps really threw me off)! If your periods are regular and you ovulate on your own, I highly recommend the Natural FET. I was skeptical thinking I NEEDED the hormone support to make it a success, but Cornell said if I can do it Natural there is no way I should do a Medicated cycle. I'm glad I trusted them! I was much less stressed out and my body was in its natural state. I don't regret my failed ICSI because without that, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do the Natural FET! I hope this helps someone who is in the scary, nerve wracking shoes I was just in! Good luck to all of you ladies! I wish you lots of baby dust!


Thanks for taking the time to write this, it's gives me hope while I go through my personal hell of a 2ww x

I am currently in the 2ww of a natural FET and reading your story sure is giving me so much reassurance that natural cycles DO work! After 6 failed IUIs (all with injectables), 1 lap (I have stage II endo), 1 fresh IVF (transferred 2 "perfect" embryos = BFN) and one FET (transferred 2 great embroys and 1 so-so = chemical pregnancy) we needed to do something different with the last 3 embies we had left. That's when I decided (not my doctor) to do a natural FET (I am on progesterone suppositories though). Hearing your success is giving me so much more hope that this attempt could really be THE one! I test Monday, 4/22--eeeek!

hi, i'm happy for your success natural FET story. i just failed my second IVF transferred 2 8cells embies. im thinking to do a natural FET after 2 of my cycles coz my body really didn't work with drugs. i have regular cycle ovulated by my own. your story really gives me a postive vibes to do a natural way. congrats hun and happy to hear that.. and healty 9 mons to you. hugs

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