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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after stillborn 3 years ago

I have been waiting with prayer for almost 3 years to be able to post on here my BFP story. I have a son that is from my first marriage that will be twenty this year and a daughter that will be eleven. It took my second husband and I more then 18 months to conceive our daughter and after such a hard time with put off having another one until 2010. We started trying again and after 15 months we became pregnant with our son. At almost half through at our regular appointment there was no heart beat. Our hearts were broken. Through the storm I always wanted to know or not miss the purpose of our son's death. We had started trying with the aid of fertility medications without success and after a year of the emotional roller coaster I choose to give it to God. Now today not far along 4 weeks and 3 days and just over 40, I am confident in God that he has given my family a second chance and I want to give hope to those that have went through a similar journey. Always take it to God in prayer and keep praying. God knows if you trust him and what is in your your heart. Once you give it to Him you can't take it back and expect results. These were my symptoms 7 days before my period it started with light headed and dizzy. I had trouble in certain sitting and lying positions. I just felt off. I took a test at the end of the day 2 days before and it was negative. I took one the next day a first response and didn't wait and walked away. The next day when no period still increased dizziness, I went home and checked the bathroom trash( don't act like you haven't done it,LOL) and found a faint positive. I thought no just evaporated and I'm wasting anymore money on these tests. Sunday came and no period so Sunday evening tested again walked away and DH walked in and said I see two lines. I took another one this morning and the line is darker then yesterday some cramping but feeling that our Faith and Trust in God got us through our storm because at the end we are getting our rainbow! Prayers to all of you!


What a beautiful inspiring story of faith and hope. Couldn't avoid crying. I had a still born baby after (40 weeks and 9 days of pregnancy) a bit over a year ago, and going since through some hard time with DH and praying God everyday for a new healthy pregancy.

You have a wonderful healthy 9 months and a beautiful baby that will make you and you husband happy and grateful.

Hi. I'm 24 and had a stillborn with my first child at 37 weeks. I'm thinking about trying again but very scared. But good luck to you both.

I just wanted to wish you well and hope that your dream comes true. Also, I am sorry to hear about your devestating loss.

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