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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Bfp after stopping breastfeeding

I have read these stories many times symptom spotting. In trying for baby number three i found it difficult so ended up stopping breastfeeding my son and after 5 months of trying i got my beautiful bfp!
I used opt and did the deed on high fertility day and the second day of peak fertility. I know its cliche but i really didnt have many symptoms and what i did have could of easily been symptoms of my period coming. What stood out was a headache and minimal cervical fluid and dreaming. Here is my story:
1dpo nil
2dpo really sensitive teeth when drinking water
3dpo wisdom teeth hurt
4dpo nothing
5dpo nothing
6dpo creamy cervical fluid
7dpo a sharp pain for a second towards my belly button. Felt different from ovary pain as wasnt on the far side of the pelvis and was sharper.
8dpo frequent bowel movements and hiccups
9dpo this was the day i felt different. I was dreaming alot at night and had a sore neck.
10dpo dreaming at night again and minimal cervical fluid.
11dpo pelvic muscles felt bruised like i did crunches. Gas in am
12dpo woke up with a headache and the app on my phone said to take a pregnancy test so took one and
Could not beleive i got a very clear bfp. No need to check it a thousand times or under different light just two thick pink lines!
Baby dust to you all!

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